This describes mlm leads, mlm lead generation and mlm leads prospecting. Be aware of the latest phone scam to hit mlm distributors. It’s the area code phone scam.

It seems like every few years,  a new phone scam arrives just in time to pull hard earned money right out of your wallet. Years ago it involved pagers. Someone would send a number to your pager for a call back. You dialed the phone number only to find out that you were being charged some outrageous amount of money per minute of phone call.

Now the phone scam has returned in the way of international area codes. Here’s how it works:phoneScam

Your phone rings once then stops ringing. You wonder who it is so you dial the number back, or..

Your phone rings and you answer it. The call hangs up so you call it back wondering who dialed and hung up on you, or..

Your phone rings and you answer it. A woman appears to groan as in pain. You stay on the line asking what’s wrong. As you spend time on the phone, you spend money on $20/minute long distance charges to some far off country.

As you prospect your mlm leads, be aware that the following area codes are associated with international calls. Those area codes include:

242- Bahamas
246 – Barbados
264 – Anguilla
268 – Antigua
284 – British Virgin Islands
345 – Cayman Islands
441 – Bermuda
473 – Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
649 – Turks and Caicos
664 – Montserrat
758 – St Lucia
767 – Dominica
784 – St. Vincent & Grenadines
809, 829, 849 – Dominican Republic
868 – Trinidad and Tobago
869 – St. Kitts & Nevis
876 – Jamaica

This mlm leads article describe mlm leads prospecting. Be aware of the latest phone scams.

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