This article describes MLM Leads, mlm lead lists and why top producers always succeed in their network marketing or MLM business opportunity.

Are you an Outlier?

Are you wondering what it takes to become an Outlier?

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell describes an “Outlier” as “those people whose achievements fall outside normal experience.”

So in the realm of home based businesses or network marketing, we would consider the top producers or the top money earners at the “Outliers” of our industry.

Why Outliers Succeed

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed?  How some people make it really big, when others don’t?

What is it about successful people?

Are successful people more intelligent?  Are they more ambitious?

In his book, Gladwell argues that the true story of success is something more than just intelligence or ambition.  Gladwell says that if you really want to understand how some people become so wildly successful, then you must first spend some time looking around them.  Take a look at their family.  Look at their birthplace or even their birth date.

Here are some of Outlier attributes as described by Gladwell..

Outliers Need 10,000 Hours

To be an Outlier, you must excel at what you do.  And to excel, a critical minimum level of practice is required to gain that level of expertise.

How much practice?

A minimum of 10,000 hours.

Gladwell reports that ten thousand hours of practice is required to become a world-class expert in anything!

In study after study of composers, basketball players, fiction writers, ice skaters, concert pianists, chess players – even master criminals – a minimum of ten thousand hours was required to become a world-class expert in that field.

Even people we think of as prodigies need 10,000 hours to become the top in their field.

Mozart started writing music at six.   But by mature composer standards, his early works were not outstanding.  Once he had accumulated the 10,000 hours of practice, his works became renowned.

How about becoming a chess grandmaster?  How long does that take?

It takes about 10 years.

Why 10 years?

10 years is roughly how long it takes to get in 10,000 hours of hard practice.

Bottom Line: 10,000 hours is the magic number of greatness.  You must have 10,000 hours of practice in your area of expertise to become renowned.

So what if you’re in a home business and build your business part-time?  Where does that leave you.

Don’t fret.  You can still make money building your business on 10 hours a week.  There are thousands and thousands of people around the world making money from home on 10 hours a week.  And you can too.

But if you want to be the big shot that walks across the stage holding the big check… well you better plan on getting 10,000 hours under your belt.

It’s a lot of work.  But it’s also a lifetime of reward thereafter!

Outliers Can’t Do It By Themselves

Outliers understand the importance of an encouraging and supportive family.  It takes a strong support system in order to achieve the expertise of an Outlier.

And it also helps to have good mentors along the way.  People that know what you should be doing on a daily basis to get the top results.  That way you don’t waste your time along the way.

Outliers Accustomed to Hard Work

Outlier are extremely disciplined people.  They understand that there are no short cuts to success. It takes hard work and they understand that.

Bill Gates began programming as a kid.  He accumulated his 10,000 hours while he was still in high school.  So when money making opportunities presented themselves later in life, Gates had the acquired expertise to capitalize on those opportunities.

How many kids do you know that are willing to work all night to learn without making money?

That’s an Outlier!

Work Must Be Meaningful

Gladwell’s research showed that successful people work on things that they find are “meaningful” and “fulfilling”.

So what type of work do top producers find as “meaningful” and “fulfilling”?

There are three components to meaningful and fulfilling work:

Autonomy – Outliers run and manage things as they see fit.  They call the shots.
Complexity – Their work is mentally challenging and rewarding.
Effort/Reward Connection – They want to derive direct benefit from their hard work.

Do you find these 3 components in your job?  In your home business?

It’s Not About the Money

Money is not ultimately is not what makes an Outlier happy.

True Outliers prefer the “meaningful” and “fulfilling” work over money.

Working Harder Than Your Peers

Gladwell reports that Outliers typically work harder than their peers.

“Bill Gates was addicted to his computer as a child… The Beatles put in thousands of hours of practice… Joe Flom (famous corporate takeover attorney) ground away for years, perfecting the art of takeovers, before he got his chance.”

Working really hard is what successful people do.

Success Follows a Predictable Course

It is not the brightest who succeed.  There have been many brighter than Einstein throughout history.

Nor is success simply the sum of decisions and efforts we make on behalf of ourselves.

Instead, success is a gift.

“Outliers are those who have been given opportunities – and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them” reports Gladwell.

For many Outliers, all they needed was a chance!  Once they were presented with the chance, they took action.  They took the chance they were given.

So How About You?

Are you willing to work harder than your peers?

Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

Are you willing to put in the time to be the best possible?

Are you willing to take advantages of the opportunities that are presented to you?

If so, you’re on your way to becoming an expert in your field… and most likely a top producer in your company.

All you need to do now is to put in the time.

And even if you don’t get to a total of 10,000 hours, you can still be wildly successful along the way.

Remember this… building a network marketing business or a home based business is a marathon, not a sprint.

In summary, this article describes MLM Leads, mlm lead lists and why top producers always succeed in their network marketing or MLM business opportunity.

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