This describes mlm leads generation, mlm lead capture pages and mlm presentations. Is your presentation overloading your prospects?

A few weeks ago, a client asked where to direct his leads once they had completed his mlm lead capture page. He mentioned that he had a 30-minute overview video that he really wanted prospects to view.

When it comes to making the business presentation, I recommend that you start the prospect out with just enough information so that they can determine whether they’re interested in receiving more information… or not.

So how much information should you give them?

Ideally you’ll give your mlm leads just “enough” information that they need in order to make a buying decision.

Think of your business presentation as the funnel at right.

The first information they’re given in your sales funnel is a high level overview. Tell them your company name, the product/service, and how you make money. You can also provide a number of testimonials from others that have successfully joined your business.

That brief overview can last 2-3 minutes in length – max.

So what if 2-3 minutes isn’t enough information for your prospect? What if they have more questions?

If they have more questions, then be prepared to direct them to more information. But that information is available upon their request. It’s not pushed onto them if they’re not interested.

The mistake too many networkers make is to subject their prospect with lengthy, detailed business presentations that drag on and on and on. If the prospect wasn’t interested in the first 30 seconds, they’re sure to move onto something that they enjoy more.. like TV.

As I’ve said before, your biggest competition for your prospect’s time is the TV. Television advertisers have honed their marketing message to fit within a 15-second time slot. Within 15 seconds, the advertiser has identified a prospect’s “pain point”, they’ve poked the pain point to make it hurt more, then they suggested a relief to that pain in their call-to-action. Often times they even tell you where to get more information.

So if multi-million dollar companies can condense their presentation to 15 seconds, why can’t you condense yours to 120-180 seconds max?

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I would think you can.

If the prospect wants more information after that brief overview, make the more detailed information available.

Back in the day when we used to make live dials with our customer listening, we would actually 3-way prospects into a 150-second information line for a quick overview. They learned about the company, product, comp plan, and company owner. They even heard testimonials from people from all walks of life that had joined that business.

After the overview call was complete, we simply asked the prospect whether this sounded like something they were interested in or not. Some said “yes” while others said “no”. A number of prospects hung up the phone during the 3-way call. We were fine with that as it’s better to get a quick “no” than to constantly chase prospects later.

When you configure your presentation funnel to give brief information up front, then more detailed later upon request, you’ll be able to sift and sort more people more quickly, instead of chasing them down later. And you’ll be able to keep prospects away from information overload, which as we know is the leading cause of “no’s” for your business.

Okay so now that you know about presentation funnels, point some web traffic at your mlm lead capture page today, and see how these suggestions work for you.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,