This describes mlm leads and network marketing leads.  Are you wondering whether an mlm lead marketing method will work for your mlm business?  Ask yourself this one question.

Building an mlm  or network marketing  sales team is about creating duplication within the team.  Ideally you want everyone in your team doing the same thing, every day, over and over again.  This means that if you have a certain mlm lead marketing method in place, everyone on your team should be using that exact same marketing method as you.  This also means that any mlm lead generation method must be easily duplicated among the member of your sales team.

As you evaluate a prospective mlm marketing method or mlm lead generation method, ask yourself this one question:

“Does this method require specialized expertise that only I have?  Or can anyone on my team use this method as easily as me?”

The answer to this question will tell you if it is a viable choice in terms of mlm duplication.  If the method can be duplicated by any of your team members, you will grow your network marketing business faster since everyone will be doing the same thing.  But if only you can perform the method really well, your network marketing sales team may not be able to copy you.  In that scenario, your network marketing home business won’t be able to grow as quickly or efficiently.

Years ago I had a mentor that was extremely gifted in telling his personal sales story.  Many would hear his story and want to get started in his mlm business.  But when it came down to duplication, they were taught to tell their story like the mentor did.  Unfortunately, unlike the mentor, they didn’t have a compelling story to tell their mlm lead prospects.  Many failed as a result since they couldn’t duplicate his marketing method.

When it comes to working leads for your business, we realize that there is some up-front training that has to happen for you to be successful.  That’s why we provide you with audio and phone script training on how to call and interview mlm lead prospects.  That training is available with every mlm leads order at

This mlm lead article described mlm leads and network marketing leads.  Ask yourself this one question to know whether or not your mlm lead marketing method will work for others in your mlm business or network marketing business.

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