This mlm leads article describes network marketing leads, mlm leads and the mlm lead call center services.  Let us call your mlm leads for you.

We’re received a lot of inquiries lately about our new and successful mlm lead call center service that calls your mlm leads for you.  This service is for those that don’t want to spend a lot of time on the telephone.  So instead of dialing the leads themselves to find out who is and who isn’t serious about making money from home, we do the legwork for you.

Here’s how the mlm lead call center services work:

1)  Send Us Your Leads List.
You can either purchase a new mlm leads list, network marketing leads list, or you can send us an existing leads list that you already have.  We’ll dial that list using your custom phone script.  Click here to find our National Leads.

2)  Send Us Your Custom Phone Script.
This is what we’ll use in the call center to call your leads.  Don’t worry about the “introduction” part of the call script; we’ll handle that.  Just give us the “meat” of what you want our professional callers to say to your leads.

What sort of script should you use?

The best answer is to ask yourself what it is you’re trying to accomplish in the call.

Most people use our call center to find out which prospects are serious about making money from home.  When they find someone like that,  the lead is sent to you real-time via email.  That way you talk to prospects that are serious about learning more.

If you don’t have a script already, we can assist you with some ideas of what works well.

3) Select Amount of Time in the Call Center.
The calls are made by real people that call and talk to your prospects.  As such, a good leads list will yield the best results for your time.

Our call center pros dial 30 leads per hour on average without leaving voicemail.  So that means if you want a list of 100 leads to be dialed once, you need between 3 and 4 hours of dialing time.

If you want the list dialed thru multiple times (we recommend 5 times before the list is dead), consider more dial time.

While most call centers require a big setup to get started, that’s not the case with  Our Call center time is available in 5 hour blocks at $10.00/HR without large setup fees.  There is a simple $25 one-time script setup fee.  That allows the call center 2 days time to get familiar with your script prior to dialing.

4) How It All Works.
The best part about having someone else call your leads for you is that you have free time to do the things you want to do instead of sitting home pounding the phone hour after hour after hour.

Know what I mean?

We call your leads using your phone script.  When we find a prospect that says “Yes” to your phone script, we send that lead to you real-time via email.  That way you only spend your time talking to prospects that are truly serious about making money from home.

5) How To Get Started.
* Please purchase a leads list or send us one that you already have.
* Send us your phone script (just the “meat” of what you want the caller to say).
* Tell us how many hours of time you want in the call center.  Remember that you will likely need 4+ hours to dial 100 leads that include overage.

Ready  to place an order?

Please use our Call Center Hours Order Form by clicking here now.  We’ll get your Call Center Services order started right away.

This mlm leads article described network marketing leads, mlm leads and the mlm lead call center services.  Let us call your mlm leads and network marketing leads for you.

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