This describes mlm leads and how to develop a winning mlm leads phone script for use in an mlm leads call center where leads are screened for your mlm network marketing business.

Last week we talked about the MLM Call Center Dial service that calls and screens your mlm leads for you.  We had a lot a feedback and new call campaigns during the week.  So I’m writing today to give you some tips on preparing a Call Center Phone Script. That way you get exactly the type of pre-qualified mlm lead prospect that you want from your call campaign.

First off, let’s talk about what we’re trying to accomplish with a call campaign:

* We want to quickly sort your prospects to find out who has an interest in your business. That way you don’t spend any time with that that aren’t interested in your business.

* We want to give prospects enough information so that they understand what your business is, what its products or services are, and how you make money. We also want to let them know that support is available to them once they join your business.

* Provide prospects enough details about your business so that they can easily disqualify themselves for whatever reason.  That way you spend less time with those that are only casually looking for an mlm network marketing business.

* We also want to get a clear “yes” or “no” answer from the prospect on whether they would like to learn more about your business.

Once our professional callers have gone thru the phone script, your prospect should have a basic understanding of what it is that you do and how you make money in your business.

You have to think of the mlm call center dial service as a “screening process”.  Once the prospect says “yes” they want to learn more, we confirm their contact information and then send the lead onto you real-time via email.

Now that you know what we’re trying to accomplish from the mlm lead call center, let’s talk about what to say in the phone script about your business..

Think of your phone scripting as an “elevator pitch”.  An elevator pitch is what you say to someone in an elevator when they ask you what you do.  It takes about 10 to 15 seconds to say. It tells the person what you do in very simple terms.  It creates both interest and curiosity so that the person asks you for more information.

Here are a couple of examples..

Let’s say your company sells an energy drink.  Your phone script might say..

the company has a great tasting energy drink.  It helps people look good and feel great. When that happens, people start to notice.  Then they want the energy drink too.  When that happens, you send them to your company website where they can order at wholesale.  When that happens, the company sends you a check in the mail.”

Now let’s say that you market utilities like gas and electricity.  You could say..

“we help people save money on their gas and electricity.  Just think.. every time your neighbor turns their lights on at night, you get paid!”

Again, these are simple ways to explain what your company does, what the products or services are and how you make money in your mlm network marketing business.

Now, let’s talk about some things to avoid in a phone script.  I suggest that you avoid saying things like..

* Fortune 500
* Patent pending
* Pays XX levels deep
* Pay plan types
* Residual income

Due to economic times, I have found that most people are more concerned about making “quick money” versus “residual income”.  As such, I would suggest that your script  focus more on near-term earning potential like daily, weekly or monthly commissions and bonuses, and less on residual incomes.

Also, avoid using industry company-specific jargon that the general public won’t understand.  You’ll only confuse them.

‘Well that’s it for today.  Use these tips in preparing for your next Call Center Dial Campaign.  Either way, we’ll send you a phone script template for use in creating your custom phone script once you have ordered your MLM Leads Call Center Service dial time.

Send us your leads to dial, or purchase our hot mlm leads list or network marketing leads list.

Make it a great prospecting day!

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