This article describes how to contact your MLM Weight Loss Leads in a professional manner. Once you have mastered the tips in this article, you will be able to contact any type of MLM Lead, Email MLM Lead, or Telephone Verified Local Lead you purchase.

In this video I explain a few small details that you can use to connect and start to build trust with your prospect in an authentic manner that allows the prospect to know you are a real person.

See, most people who buy MLM Leads, or MLM Product leads, like our new MLM Weight Loss Leads, try and “sell” the lead, before they find our of the person on the other end of the phone is a real prospect, or even what kind of prospect they are.

When you contact a lead that is generated with the “Product” in mind, you do not want to start talking about the “business opportunity” to fast.

Three questions you should ask your MLM leads to determine if they are a real prospect. (Now understand, you will use your personality to create the specific question to get the right answer.)

1. How long have you been “trying” to get rid of your weight?

2. How Much weight would you like to eliminate?

3. How soon would you like to see the first 5lbs disapear?

Now here are a couple of bonus questions that will allow you to know if you are truly talking to a serious prospect, or just a tire-kicking lead.

Bonus Question One: If I can show you a product, that has proven results that will allow you to eliminate the the 5lbs you want to get rid of in the time period you stated, is there any reason you would not want to get started using this product right now?

Bonus Question Two: If after you personally experience the results of our weight loss product first hand, is there any reason you can think of, that would stop you from sharing your results with people you   know?

Now you know how to not only contact your new MLM weight Loss Leads, you also know how to close them.

Give this a try right now by ordering your first batch of Fresh MLM Weight Loss Leads.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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