This mlm leads training article describes prospecting for high ticket programs and how it differs from prospecting for low cost mlm business opportunities.

Every so often, a client tells me their leads aren’t working for them. After investigating their needs a bit, I often learn 2 things about them:

  1. They’ve been trying all the different lead vendors
  2. They’re promoting a high-ticket program

When I hear that they’re going from vendor to vendor, I immediately wonder if it is lack of training that’s holding them back. But when I hear that they’re in a high ticket program, things begin to add up.

Prospecting for a high ticket program is similar to prospecting to a low ticket program. You just have to go through more people. That’s it.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate my point:

Years ago, we had a client that said that he was in a high ticket program. He said that he only wanted to talk to people that had $5k to invest in their business.

He said:

“Don’t send me any leads unless they say they have $5k to invest.”

So naturally we threw a lot of leads on the floor from people that said they did NOT have those sorts of monies to invest.

As time went on, we gathered a number of “wasted” leads and gave them to the client. We asked the client to work those leads and compare results between the 2 groups of leads.

Know what happened next?

The conversion rates between the 2 groups of leads were identical! It took the same amount of people to find one new person that would join their business regardless of what the prospect said earlier on the survey.

So what do we learn from this?

Well, I learned 2 things:

1) Prospects may often lie when they answer a survey telling you how much they’re willing to invest. (That’s why I don’t ask survey questions.)

2) The only difference between high ticket bizopps and low ticket bizopps is the number of people you have to prospect to find someone willing to join your business.

In summary, prospecting for high ticket programs is just like prospecting for all other bizopps. Those in a high-ticket program just need to do more of it compared to those in low ticket programs. Once you understand the prospecting numbers associated with your business, you’ll start moving through people faster to find those that are looking for a change right now.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay

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