This mlm leads generation article describes using MyAutoPilot Web Traffic to generate leads. Then using the phone to contact your leads to interview them to see if they’re a match for you or not.

Many distributors today are generating their own exclusive mlm leads using MyAutoPilot Traffic directed to their lead capture page. Interested prospects then fill out the lead capture page webform and become a lead.

So now you have an mlm lead. That prospect was directed to your business presentation automatically. At the same time you received an email with your new prospect’s information.

So now what? What do you do now?

Should you call them? Send them email? Or should you do something else?

It really depends on your business and your preferred method of followup. However, if you’ve collected a phone number at your lead capture page, I suggest placing a phone call to the prospect. Interview them and see whether they’re a match for you or not.

In the video below, I walk you thru a prospecting follow-up call that you can make to your prospect. Most people fail in the first 10 seconds of a call (I’ll cover that later). In the video below, I get you thru the first 10 seconds of the call so that you can determine for yourself whether this prospect is a match for your business, or not.

Click the PLAY button below now to watch this prospecting training.

Generating mlm leads is easy and the presentations are even easier when you drive quality bizop web traffic to your lead capture page. When you know WHAT to say, this sort of prospecting can be the easiest prospecting you’ve ever done.

This article described mlm leads generation, mlm web click traffic and what to say to prospects once you’ve generated mlm leads.

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