This mlm leads generation article describes how to write good headlines that will trigger your mlm lead prospect to take action.

A week ago I wrote to you about headlines and how a good headline could make the difference between a 10% optin rate versus an 84% optin rate. In that email I asked whether anyone would be interested in a swipe file of headlines. The feedback consensus was “yes”, people want headlines that will help them generate more leads from their traffic.

Over the past week, I’ve been compiling a list of headlines. I’ve also been looking over a number of emotional triggers that make people respond to the headline.

Is your headline hitting your prospect’s emotional trigger? If not, you might consider a headline update.

What are some emotional triggers?

Here are just a few emotional triggers that can help your headline..

  • To be liked
  • To be a good parent
  • Avoid embarrassment
  • Satisfy the ego
  • Be healthy
  • Live longer
  • Save money
  • Seek adventure
  • Have more fun
  • Work less

While this list of triggers isn’t as comprehensive as the list I’m working on now, it does give you an idea of the sorts of emotions that prospects respond to at your lead capture page.

Incorporate emotional triggers in your headlines and you’ll generate more leads from your MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Thanks for reading.

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