Generate mlm leads using mlm lead capture pages that are optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. MLM leads have to be able to read your lead capture page to be able to optin.

I’ve been saying for some time now that the new Internet is mobile. That means that more and more traffic is moving away from the desktop and to the mobile device.

I looked at my mlm leads capture page traffic stats today to see how much traffic was generated from desktop users versus mobile users. What I found was that over the past 30 days, more than 64% of all web traffic to my mlm lead capture pages was mobile-based web traffic. That means that most people viewing my mlm lead capture page was doing so with a mobile device.

To be more specific, the traffic breakdown was this:

  • 52% of all web traffic originated from a mobile device
  • 12 % came from a tablet
  • 36% of all web traffic came from a desktop computer

When you combine mobile and tablet traffic, that means that nearly twice as much traffic came from mobile and tablets as compared to desktop traffic.

So knowing that more and more mlm leads traffic is mobile based, doesn’t it make sense to have mobile friendly or mobile-optimized mlm lead capture pages so that they can be correctly viewed by those mobile users?

By now, you’re probably asking yourself “What does he mean by mobile-optimized?”

By “mobile-optimized” I mean that the mlm lead capture page is designed so that it is clearly legible when viewed on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

To illustrate, see the two mlm lead capture pages below:


While the smartphone screenshots above are a little blurry from resizing for this blog post, you can see that the mlm leads capture page at left is visible but the font size it way too small to be able to read. This mlm leads capture page is not mobile-optimized or mobile friendly.

In comparison, the mlm lead capture page on the right is mobile-optimized. That means that the page was designed so that it would automatically resize so that it could be legible on a smartphone or tablet. The fonts and graphics were resized for mobile viewing.

As an mlm leads prospect, let’s say you land either of these two pages on your mobile device. The font on one of the pages is so small, you can’t read it. The other page however is sized that you can read everything on the page. Of the two mlm leads capture pages, which are you likely to opt into to become a real-time mlm lead?

Of course you’ll choose the mlm lead capture page that can be read.

As mlm distributors or network marketing distributors, it is important to do your homework to ensure you have the proper marketing presence on the Internet. That way you’re getting the most out of your advertising dollar and mlm web traffic.

Are you wondering whether you mlm lead capture page or company website is mobile friendly, just pull your webpage or website up on a smartphone. If you can read the text on the page without having to enlarge the page, then it is “responsive” design or mobile friendly. (I’m currently re-reading this article on my smartphone and am able to read every word on the page without my glasses due to the site being mobile-friendly. You should be able to do the same with yours.)

If your company-provided mlm lead capture page – or even company replicated website – is not mobile optimized, get back to your company provider and ask them to redesign it so that it can be read on mobile devices.  Without a mobile-optimized Internet presence, you’re bound to lose out on some really good mlm leads for your network marketing business.

This described mlm leads and the use of mlm lead capture pages that are optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. MLM leads have to be able to read your lead capture page to be able to opt into your lead capture page.

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