This describes mlm leads, mlm buyer leads and where to find the best mlm buyer leads for your business opportunity.

I have people calling every so often asking whether we sell “buyer” leads. They don’t want mlm leads or business opportunity leads. They want buyer data, buyer leads. These calls are driving me nuts!

If you’re not familiar with the term “buyer data”, these are leads of people that have purchased a “make money from home” information product somewhere online or offline.  People tend to think that these are the best leads to prospect since a person has spent money to learn more about creating income. They insist that our mlm leads are not as good and won’t work for their network marketing lead generation.

Knowing that this is driving me crazy, I decided to test their notion. Can our mlm leads make a person money? Can our mlm ppc web traffic convert to sales?

Over the past month, I did some testing to see just how good our mlm leads and mlm web traffic were and whether they could make a person money. Here’s what I did:

Test A: Real-Time National Leads

I decided to kick things off by testing our Real-Time MLM Leads…

Step #1: Find a product to sell.

I found an information product that I could sell to my National Leads. The information product had various purchase levels priced between $25 and $200. The more the prospect paid, the more information and coaching the prospect received.

Step #2: Prepare the Offer

I prepared an email autoresponder with a single follow-up email message. I used the email to introduce myself and how I was a resource to the prospect. I let them know that I could help them in their quest to make money from home.

In the email, I also gave a link to the product that was trying to sell.  It wasn’t a hard sell. It was more of an “oh by the way, check this out..” type of sell.

I also gave my phone number and told them I was a real person and that they could phone me if they felt I could help them.

Step #3: Send the Email

I sent the email out to the prospects. A number of the prospects clicked the link and bought the product. A number of the prospects called me directly asked what I did to make money and how I could help them. I followed those calls with personal emails with links to other products that I thought might be suited for them. Some bought. Some didn’t.

Test A Result:

I definitely made some money using this method. The fact that people pulled their credit cards out tells me that there are buyers in the list that were willing to spend money to learn more on how to make money. I think I could have made a lot more money if I did more than send a single email, that’s for sure.

Next I tested..

Test B: MyAutoPilot Web Traffic

Here my intent was to test our web traffic to see if it could make me any money.

Step #1: Build a lead capture page.

I built an mlm lead capture page that was similar to what you see offered on the site here.  Those that opted into the web form would then be redirected to the product offer page.

Step #2: Send MyAutoPilot Web Traffic.

Next, I pointed MyAutoPilot Web Traffic to the page for week to see what would happen.

Test B Result:

I had a 33% optin rate at my lead capture page. Recall that the web form requested name, phone and email. In hindsight, I should have omitted phone from the web form; maybe even the name field since all I was doing was redirecting them anyway.

After the week of traffic, I logged into the product sales site to what if any purchases were made. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the company had already sent me a check in the mail for $300.

So now I have a $300 check sitting here ready to be cashed, AND I have a list of buyers that I can continue to market to.

My Conclusions:

There are several things that I’ve concluded from this testing. They are:

* We have “buyers”.

There are definitely buyers to be found in the Real-Time National Leads and in the MyAutoPilot Traffic. My commission checks clearly show that.

* Prospects don’t always want to talk.

This fits in with today’s technology where prospects use CallerID and Voicemail to screen their calls. The more that I come to understand and accept that, the better I can plan my marketing around that.

* Lead Capture Page: Less is More

The better converting lead capture pages today are pretty minimal. Many don’t have any sort of page background whatsoever. At best, they have a headline, optional sub-headline and web form, that’s all.

* Opt-in Webform: Less is More

More and more of the top Internet Marketers today are only requesting the email address at their lead capture opt-in webform. The fewer the fields of information you request at your web form, the more leads you’ll generate.

I’m now testing a “free report” download offer that collects only email address to see how that will perform.

* MLM Lead Generation VS. MLM List Building

Many Internet Marketing guys are using their lead capture pages to build lists; not generate leads per se. These guys don’t want to talk to people on the phone. Instead, they want to build the relationship via email over time.

They’ll make offers to products for sure, but they’ll also use the emails to bring value to their prospects. They’ll pass them tips and articles that prospects may find interesting. That way prospects learn to trust the marketer over time. When they do, they become responsive to the marketer’s offers.

And finally..

* You Can Make Money With Real-Time National Leads and MyAutoPilot Traffic

While of course I can’t guarantee that you’ll make any dollar amount, I can say what little testing I’ve done has proven to be cash positive. Which leads me to wonder why I haven’t done this testing a long time ago?!!

In conclusion, we’ve shown from our testing that you can make money with Real-Time National Leads and the mlm web traffic MyAutoPilot Traffic. There are buyers in those leads and in that web traffic for sure.

This described mlm leads, mlm buyer leads and where to find the best mlm buyer leads for your business opportunity.