This article describes the five marketing secrets used by President Obama’s Marketing Team to get him Elected, and how they used MLM Leads training to get it done.

When we saw what the Obama marketing team did to create the most successful political campaign in world history, we just sat back and laughed. They used the same strategies we have been teaching to the most successful marketers in the world for the last few years.

When you read what they did, you will be blown away. It is so simple anyone can do it.

Here is what they did!


They asked specific questions, then implemented their strategies around the answers.

1. What is the one word that describes what we stand for?CHANGE

2. What is our definition of the word “Change?”STOP The Status Quo

3. Who is our target audience
Everyone who embraces “Change”

4. How do we get our “Change” message out to the masses in the most relevant manner?Relationship Marketing

5. How can we jump start our “Crusade for Change” even before we enter the race?Create a “Buzz” Through Social Marketing.

Think we’re joking?

Well sit back and checkout the cold hard marketing facts!

1. The Obama website always had a “Lead Capture” page as it’s front page. Does your MLM website homepage have a lead capture page?

2. The Obama MySpace page has 1,098,697 friends.
Are you using Social Marketing to Dominate your Niche?

3. The Obama Facebook Page has 3,808,381 supporters
. Are You connecting with Friends & Family to build your Network Marketing business?

4. The Obama YouTube Channel (link quality = ranks high in search engines) in less than 3 years has grown to 151,286 subscribers and 20,476,816 views. Are you using Video’s on your website?

5. Web Branding = Location = Branding = Web Location! Hey these dudes have never wavered from the Brand “Change” The new Obama website is Change.Gov” Are these web keywords that will be followed?

So ask yourself this question. “Where will your business be tomorrow, if you don’t do anything or quickly just follow the above basic fundamentals?”

We have been teaching the basic fundamentals since 2004, and have lead the marketing world when it has come to email marketing, video marketing and targeted quality mlm lead generation.

Call Enrique today and see exactly what tools you need to dominate your niche like the Obama Marketing Machine dominated Politics.

Never Give Up,


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