This mlm lead training article describes mlm leads and mlm lead prospecting.  How to handle mlm lead prospects that want to string you along.

Have you ever had an MLM Lead Prospect string you along?

You know the one I’m talking about.. the “forever maybe”.  The one that keeps asking questions; one that wants you to call them back again later.

If your prospect is stringing you along, it may be because the prospect is still in your sales funnel when they shouldn’t be.  Maybe you weren’t stringent enough in your initial screening.  Had you been more stringent, maybe they would have joined your business by now.  Or maybe you would have dumped them already and moved on.

The next time you feel a prospect is stringing you along, ask them:

“Prospect, I’ve been following up with you some time now.  So help me out here..

“On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 means you’re serious about making money from home and you’re ready to get started now.. And 1 means you’re not really interested.. What number would you give yourself?”

Let the phone conversation go quiet.  Wait for your prospect’s answer.

Let’s say your prospect rated them self as an “8”.  Repeat the number back to them and then ask:

“An 8?  Why an 8?”

Your prospect will usually tell you why they rated themselves the way they did.  They’ll commonly tell you why they’re not a 9 or 10 and what’s keeping them from getting started in business right away.

In short, they’ll tell you what they need from you to be closed into your business.  Listen carefully and then provide them exactly what they asked for so they can move forward with you and your business.

Now on the other hand, let’s say the prospect tells you they’re a 7 or less.  If so, tell them..

“A 7?  I can’t work with a 7!”

Now be quiet and let your prospect squirm a bit.  Either they’ll tell you what they need to go higher in rating.  Or they’ll tell you “ok” and hang up the phone.  Either way you’re done with them.  Either way, you let them know that your time is valuable and that you’re there for a purpose.

So the next time your prospect tells you to call them back later, ask them to rate themselves before you agree to the follow-up.  That way you’re not chasing people that aren’t really interested in the first place.

This mlm leads training article describes mlm leads and mlm lead prospecting.  Don’t let mlm lead prospects string you along.  Ask them to rate their interest before you go any further.

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