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One of the most requested calls for help that Mike Boggs our in-house Master MLM trainer receives is on becoming a better telephone prospector.

As a matter of fact I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that telephone prospecting will strike more fear in an otherwise confident poised professional network marketer. The telephone is just something we all dread.

So what exactly is Call Reluctance? Seriously have you ever really sat down and thought through why you are reluctant to pick up the phone and call your MLM Leads?
Here is my definition of Call Reluctance:

Reluctance (re-luk’tans) a common word used by Network Markers to describe an otherwise potential MLM Pro, who is totally afraid of making a prospecting call.
Now that you have read my definition, I bet I am close to how you may feel when you go to make phone calls.

In some extreme cases, I have seen folks STOP buying quality MLM Leads and start buying cheap autoresponder leads, just so they don’t have to make calls.

I remember my first few times of calling prospects. Or I should say TRIED to call prospects. I was so scared to make the call that I procrastinated until it was too late to call people even on the west coast. It was truly a crippling anxiety, that ALMOST ended my MLM career.

Then one day sitting in a training class, I had the trainer ask everyone a very simple question… “How many no’s do you need before you get a yes?” No one had an answer. He quickly pointed out that in his niche, on average he would get 21 no’s before he would receive a yes. But that yes would earn him $750.00.

So I did the math real quick and realized that for every NO he received he was banking for future earnings $31.72.

So, you can guess what I did. I started keeping track of my NO’s. Well after 30 days, I had my average. Unlike his niche, it didn’t take me 21 no’s, on average I would receive a yes after 7 no’s. My average commission per sale was $2500.00, so for every NO I received I was banking future earnings of $357.14. That was the end of my phone reluctance.

But, during the time it took me to overcome my call reluctance I learned some valuable lessons I would like to pass to everyone who may be facing the same crippling anxiety.

Troy’s ten Steps to Overcoming Call Reluctance:

1. Admit Your Scared: Call Reluctance is caused 100% of the time from FEAR! Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of hearing NO, fear of not knowing what to say, fear we may succeed.

Troy’s Truth: So, instead of doing nothing, face your fear head on; pick up the phone and make a call.

2. No Pain, No Gain: Once you have faced your fear, it is time to dig deep inside your heart, and decide right now that you are 100% committed to creating the life you want. You are willing to start training new muscles, in this case BRAIN muscles. When you do weight training you cause your muscles to hurt. But you realize the pain will allow your body to become stronger, healthy, more attractive. And with a new body comes a new life.

Troy’s Truth: Whatever roadblocks you face in your MLM business, you must have a dead fast determination to overcome them… starting with picking up the phone and calling your first MLM Prospect.

3. Design Your Dream Into Reality:
How can you build anything, if you do not create the design? The same rings true with your own life.

Get out a piece of paper and a pen, and start to write down exactly what your perfect life will look like. The perfect house you will live in. The perfect spouse you will go through life with. The perfect family you will enjoy. The perfect business you will create. The perfect business partners you will attract. Don’t hold back – Dream Big or Don’t Dream at ALL.

Now, that you have created your perfect life. It’s time to bring it all home and create your perfect daily action plan to reach it. What time will you get up, how long will you workout. When will you start work. How many calls a day must you make to work through your NO’s to get your YES and attract your new business partner?

Troy’s Truth: Remember, only YOU can design your Dreams into Reality!

4. I Said JUMP: You can stand on the cliff all day long watching other leaders jump into the wonderful world of turning their dreams into reality, or you can join them. The only way you will reach the success you desire is to take the first jump!

When I started my MLM business, I had come out of a door-to-door selling job. I was a rep for Mason Shoes and would knock on doors 5 or 6 hours a day, leaving show magazines for folks to review, then coming back and picking up their order (I would make a great Avon man. So when I realized if I was going to make it in MLM I would need to pick up the phone, smile and dial I was not real excited.

Well, I figured if I was going to make this work, I should practice, so I grabbed a white pages phone book and started calling people on the other side of the city, so if they did tell me know, or I screwed up to bad, they would not know who I was, and it wouldn’t matter.

So, get into your MLM Leads back office read the script and take the JUMP!

5. Personal Responsibility: You and only YOU can decide if you are going to overcome Call Reluctance. So take charge of breaking the bonds that are holding you back. Never stop learning and becoming a better more creative in your presentations.

But, I do want you to remember, what works today, may not work tomorrow. I can remember when I first joined MLM, I was told, “Fake it, till you make it.” Well if you try that today, you’ll be out of business before you get started. Your MLM prospects will listen to what you have to say, then go do a search to see if you are real or not.

Troy’s Truth: Always be transparent and authentic.

6. Conquer The Voice Mail Box: 7 out or 10 times I would get a voice mail box (Well in the old days it a was voice machine), so I had to learn very quickly how to give my presentation, so when people picked up their messages, they would want to call me back.

So, what I did was pretend that the voice I heard was the real thing, and I prepared myself to give the best presentation I could just like I was talking to a live person. Well, you can imagine what happened; the tape would run out before my presentation was over. I got so many calls back, but they were people telling me NEVER call again, you took up all my recording time.

So, here is what you want to do…

Personalize your message, come across as if you are meeting face-to-face.
Second, state the benefit they will receiving in calling you back.
Third, don’t talk to much.

Here is an example… “Hi John, sorry I missed you. Troy Dooly here and I think I may have the information you asked for. However, I do have two more questions to ask, before I will know for sure. I’m going to call back later tonight, but if you get this before I call please call ASAP xxx-xxx-xxxx.

7. Look in the Mirror: When I first started making calls, I would sit a mirror in front of me, so I could see how my face looked each time I made a call. No, I did not do this cause I love looking at myself, like John Travolta in “Welcome Back Carter.” I did it so I could make sure I was always smiling.

So, watch and be mindful of the tonality of your voice, mirror the tonality of your MLM prospect. If they are soft spoken, look in the mirror to make sure you are relaxed and connecting.

8. Get Excited: It is never smart to get on the phone when you have had a bad day at your JOB, or you just got into an argument with your spouse (especially if you lost.) If you are going to get on the phone and overcome your call reluctance, then do it right.

Take a shower, shave, put on your makeup (for women… most of the time), get dressed up for your business, and go to work! Don’t ever get on the phone if you are not completely FOCUSED!

9. Something To Believe In: So many times I have seen people who have call reluctance, have it because they are burned out, and really don’t believe in what they are marketing.

So if you are a MLM Pro and all of a sudden you find yourself with Call Reluctance, then maybe it’s because you are burnt out, and need a change.

10. Meet The Needs Of your MLM Prospects: Don’t try and sell your MLM prospects. Instead look for ways to fill their needs. Here is how I did it. Today there are several other methods, but this is tried and true.

Use the FORM Method…

F = Family: ask them about themselves and their loved ones?
O = Occupation: What are they doing now, are they doing what they love?
R = Recreation: What do they love to do for fun?
M – Motivation (Money) What would you love to do for a living it we lived in a perfect world?

This described mlm leads, mlm lead training, how to overcome call reluctance when prospecting your mlm leads list and network marketing leads.

Never Give Up,



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