The article lists the popular top 5 companies that sell network marketing leads and used to promote business opportunities.

The popular top 5 Generation Companies based on Alexa Rankings are as follows:


#2) Mlmleadgenie

#3) Cuttingedgemedia

#4) Peakimpact

#5) Fastmlmleads

How were these mlm lead generation company rankings created?

Rankings for these mlm leads sites were based on Alexa Traffic Rankings.

Alexa computes traffic ranking by analyzing the web usage of millions of Internet users as they visit mlm leads sites. Basically Alexa looks at the web site and determines how many people are visiting the site, and how often they go back to the site. Alexa then uses that information to perform their traffic rankings.

Why are some mlm leads companies listed higher than others?

It really comes down to the web visitor and where they go on the internet for information.

So why are network marketers seeking these sites out more than the others?

I like to think there are several factors that are important to consumers:

Customer Service: Does the lead generation website offer a telephone number that allows you to call them and talk to a real person?

Industry Experience: Does the person representing the mlm lead generation company have any real network marketing experience? Have they ever dialed an mlm lead list themselves? Or are they just a salesperson hired to answer the phone and take orders?

Marketing Resources: The companies that seem to stand above the others always seem to lead in with the customer in mind. They tend to provide the customers with a number of “insider” marketing tips from others that are already very successful.

Success Training: Most people fail in the first 10 seconds of a prospecting call. Knowing that, the most successful lead generation companies provide a number of training resources – both free and fee based – to help their customers succeed.

Realistic Expectations: Top lead generation companies don’t sell the hype. Instead, they provide their customers with realistic expectations of what it really takes to succeed working cold market leads for their business opportunity. Since they’ve personally dialed leads themselves, they know what goes into dialing leads themselves. They know how many leads it takes of any given lead type to have real success. Top mlm lead generation companies are open to sharing those realistic expectations with their customers.

Real Value: Top lead companies don’t overprice their leads. Instead, they understand the value of a returning customer. They build long-term relationships with their customers that last for years.

There you have it. Today we’ve presented you the popular top 5 Lead Generation companies that sell network marketing leads and mlm leads used to promote business opportunities. We hope it serves you well.


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