This describes mlm leads, mlm lead prospecting, mlm lead email prospecting.  It’s not enough to prospect your mlm leads with email.  Prospect your mlm lead with the phone and email.

When it comes to prospecting, it is good to have multiple reaching out methods.  And by “reaching out methods”, I’m talking using the phone, email, and any other method of contacting your leads that may work for you.

Don’t rely solely on one prospecting method.  Employ several methods.

To illustrate my point, let me tell you the story of two clients that received the same lead and how each proceeded to prospect that lead.

Client “A” purchased the lead and had it posted into his drip email campaign.  An email was sent to the prospect immediately.

Client “A” let the drip emails do the work.  He rarely dials his leads.

The lead unsubscribed from the Client “A” drip email campaign after a couple of days.

Client “B” received the same lead.

Client “B” put that lead into our Call Center Dial service and had our professional team of callers ask the prospect whether she was serious about a business or not.  Saying “Yes”, our callers then proceeded to tell the prospect about the Client’s business.  Then asked the prospect if she would like more information.  Saying “Yes”, that contact was then posted into the Client “B” drip email campaign.

The lead is STILL subscribed to the Client “B” drip email campaign.

So what’s the difference?

Client “A” relied solely on email to do his prospecting.

Client “B” coupled email prospecting with phone prospecting.

So while it’s good to send drip emails to your prospect, it’s even better to build a personal relationship with your prospects using the phone.  Once the prospect knows you, the prospect is more likely to pay attention to your drip emails.

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This article described mlm leads, mlm lead prospecting, mlm lead email prospecting.  It is better to prospect your mlm leads with both the phone and email.

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