This article describes mlm leads, mlm lead and mlm lead prospecting.  It provides an update to previous article on “how you can generate profits in a down economy by following the Walmart business model”.

Recall that November 26, 2008 that I sent out a newsletter to my list that described how my readers could learn a marketing lesson from big box retailer Walmart on how they approach marketing in a down-turn economy.    You can read the previous article here.  In that article I wrote:

“Learn the Walmart lesson:  keep talking to people Keep prospecting.

So today’s article is a follow-up to see how well Walmart performed during December 2008 based on their marketing strategy.

I was given a copy of the Wall Street Journal by my Minister last weekend.  The article dated Friday January 9, 2009 described how top retailers performed during the month of December 2008.  The results are shown below:

mlm lead prospecting - Wall Street Journal Headline

* Walmart – Up 1.7%

* Macy’s – Down 4%

* Gap – Down 14%

* Abercrombie & Fitch – Down 24%

* Neiman Marcus – Down 28%

These number do not lie.  In fact they tell the story of what it takes to grow a business in a down economy.

So what did Walmart do to make a profit in December 2008?

They increased their advertising.

That’s right.  They increased their advertising.  So while the other retailers were “playing it safe” and cutting back on marketing and advertising, Walmart actually increased sales.  The others simply lost money instead.

What Can You Learn from Walmart’s Marketing Strategy?

You can learn that you have 2 choices for your MLM business in a down economy.

1) You can play it safe waiting the economy out from the comfort of your sofa. Or…

2) You can get off your duff and prospect for new distributors for your MLM or network marketing business.

Now more than ever, people need your network marketing business opportunity.  They’re trying to figure a way to create a Plan B – to make money from home.  Better that they find your Plan B than to find a part-time job, don’t you think?

Tough Economic Times: Who Will Become Wealthy?

YOU CAN spend your evenings sitting on the sofa watching the doom and gloom news about the economy.  You can let the news media hold tell you that it’s really “tough” out there and that people are “hoping” for better days.

OR YOU COULD spend your evenings prospecting for new distributors.  Ask them if they’re serious about making money from home.  If they are, then show them your plan.

So which of these two situations will make you wealthy?

Start prospecting new people using MLM Leads.  That will make you wealthy.

I received an email from customer Dan Collins today who wrote:

“4 sign ups so far out of 38 presentations..”

Dan has been using the Real-Time Short Form MLM Leads.  Dan is a guy that is making things happen in his business and in his life.

Great work Dan!!

A Lession From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet is arguably one of the wealthiest people in the world.  Buffet isn’t sitting around waiting for the stock market to “rebound” before he invests.  He’s investing in his businesses NOW.  He knows their value will go up when the economy improves.

So why should You Take Action Now?

Because people need your MLM “plan” now.  Sure they may need it later when the economy improves but they need it Right Now more than at any other time.

Look at it this way… if an MLM Lead prospect has no”financial pain” during good economic times, then they have little reason to join your MLM business.

But people today are feeling the financial pain… or at least the “fear” of financial pain as portrayed by the news media.  So now is the perfect time to prospect.

So go out there and show your MLM Lead prospects your business plan.

And when you need new people to talk to, try our Real-Time Short Form MLM Leads.   They worked for Dan Collins and they can work for you.

This article described mlm leads, mlm lead and mlm lead prospecting.  It provided an update to previous article on “how you can generate profits in a down economy by following the Walmart business model”.

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