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Why is it that some MLM distributors really struggle in their prospecting?  They call 100 MLM leads without finding one interested person to join their business?  They get those results and then say the leads weren’t any good; that they need to find a more “quality” lead.

And why is it that someone like Scott Mertlich can call the same 100 real-time mlm leads and sponsor 1 out of 20 mlm leads into his network marketing business opportunity?

Two different people with the same mlm leads, yet with two different results.

Maybe it’s something they’re saying.  Or NOT saying.

My friend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter said it best…

“If your friends and family want nothing to do with you and your business, why would someone in the cold market that doesn’t even know you?”

In today’s marketing tip, I’m going to outline the top 7 prospecting motives that help move prospects towards a buying decision.  These 7 motives all center around the prospect’s “Pain”.

Once you become the person that can help your prospect identify their Pain… then demonstrate that you are the person that can ease, or even eliminate their pain, you’ll find more prospects joining your MLM business opportunity

You see, most distributors go about their prospecting with their company, product or service in mind.  They are quick to describe the “benefits” associated with their product or service.  If only they knew that their prospects could care less.

REALITY CHECK #1:  Prospects don’t care about us, our company, our products or our service.  All they care about is themselves and whether you’re there to help them with their life.  Or not.

REALITY CHECK #2:  People make decisions for two reasons.  Either the decision will move them TOWARDS PLEASURE.  Or the decision will move them AWAY FROM PAIN.

People buy emotionally.  And Pain is the strongest emotion.

So when it comes to prospecting for new MLM distributors, your task is to get your prospect to “feel” the “hurt”.  You do that by asking probing questions that will help your prospect realize just how “hurt” they really are, or even how “ill” they are.  Then you do what you do best:  provide a healing solution.

When you uncover your prospect’s pain, you’ll discover one of these 7 motives:

1) Pain right now in the present.
The is the first and most important pain you’ll want to uncover.  So maybe you ask your prospect “How much extra money per month does your family need to survive?”

2) Pain in the future.
While not as strong as a present pain, an impending pain can still be a strong motivator.  “When are they scheduling the next round of job layoffs?”

3) Pleasure in the present. This motive is for gain right now.  “How much of a financial ‘cushion’ are you wanting to create for your family?”

4) Pleasure in the future. This motive is less compelling than that of immediate gratification.  This motive also requires measure.  “What sort of increase in annual income are you looking for over last year?”

5) Pain in the past.
Pain hurts.  So help your prospect avoid feeling the same pain again over and over.  “How would you like to never again worry about affording a real family vacation for your kids?”

6) Pleasure in the past. This motive is about returning to past greatness.  “How would you like to be that person that has it all again?”

7) Interest or curiosity.
These are the weakest motivators.  Unfortunately these are also the motivators that many distributors tap into in their prospecting.  “How would you like to see something that has never been done before in MLM?”

There you have it – the top 7 motivators that will help you move your prospects to distributors.

In my next installment, I’ll tell you how to uncover these motives in your prospecting.  Once you become the master in identifying the prospect’s pain, you’ll find more prospects lining up with their credit card in hand asking to join your MLM network marketing business opportunity.

This described mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead prospecting and the top 7 buyer motives why prospects will join your mlm network marketing business opportunity.

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