This describes mlm lead prospecting, mlm lead capture pages and mlm lead generation landing pages.  This is the easiest way to prospect for your mlm.

To all the naysayers that say “mlm leads don’t work” and to those that say “only suckers buy leads”. Well, call me a sucker.  This week of prospecting mlm leads has the easiest prospecting I’ve done in years; an absolutely blast.

Imagine having a barrel filled with fish.  And imagine that you wanted to go fishing, so you dropped a fishing line into that barrel of fish.  Imagine the response from hungry fish.

Well, that’s what mlm lead prospecting has been like for me this week.

My mlm lead prospects have been chasing me down to learn more about my business.  Prospects have known my name in advance.  MLM lead prospects have been waiting for me to contact them.  In fact, one mlm lead prospect even called me on the phone this morning while I was writing this article for you!

Let me tell you EXACTLY what I’ve been doing:

I posted leads into my account from  Drip emails began to be sent out to my leads.  The emails directed prospects to my pre-built mlm lead generation landing page.

Since the mlm lead generation landing page and drip emails were already created for me by Marketing Pro Paul Kroto, there was nothing I had to do other than to specify my landing page URL.

Interested prospects filled out my mlm lead generation landing page to learn more.  Prospects were automatically UNsubscribed from the prospecting emails; then SUBscribed automatically to a second set of follow-up emails.  Again, nothing I had to do.  It was all setup for me in advance by marketing expert Paul Kroto.

Those prospects that had opted into my landing page then began receiving emails that directed them to my company replicated website.  There they could learn more about a home-based business.

You could go without this step if you wanted.  However, I recommend that you pick up the phone.  You’ll have better results if you build a personal relationship with your prospects.

I called prospects and introduced myself using the approach found in the back office asking.. “serious or just kicking it around”..

I told prospects that my name was Enrique and that I was a real person behind the emails and website.  When I told them that, it seemed to put them at ease.  I think that since they had read and responded to my emails earlier, they had a sense of knowing me already.

I interviewed each prospect.  I didn’t do a lot of talking other than to ask them what they were looking for and why.  Had they tried some things in the past.  How did it work.  Why did they fail.  How long had they been looking.  Why were they looking.  How much money were they wanting to make.  How soon were they wanting to start a business..

All my questions were directed at them and what THEY wanted.  Not me or what I wanted.

I also told each prospect that..

“MOST people love the business, product and company.. but quite frankly, this may not be for you.  I don’t know.  Either way, you sound like a sharp person.  So what I’ll do is get you the information.  I’m sure you can figure that out and tell me whether it is or not.  Is that fair?”

Each mlm lead prospect agreed.

I then directed them to the website to get the information.  Since I’m adamant about being duplicatable, I do very little explaining myself.  I let the website do the explaining for me.

At one point a prospect asked about her start-up options.  So in the spirit of duplication, I told her “let me go to the website and get you that answer.” Then I read the webpage to her over the phone.  I didn’t want her to think that it took special skills or knowledge to be in business.  Instead, she would have a website just like mine that would do all the explaining for her.


So let’s see recap and describe how and why this mlm lead prospecting is so easy..

I opened an account at and setup my pre-built drip email  campaigns and mlm lead capture landing page.

I purchased leads at  During the order process I specified (in the Comment Box during order checkout) my username and campaign name of where I wanted my purchased leads to be posted.

Leads were posted into my drip email campaign automatically.

Prospects read my email messages and went to my landing page.  Those that were interested then and opted in for more information.

I called them on the phone and asked them what they were looking for and why.

I took them to my company replicated website so they could learn more about my business.

I did no selling or telling.  The company website made the presentation for me.

There was absolutely no fear of rejection anywhere or anytime.

Each prospect knew me.  Each prospect knew why I was calling.

Each prospect continues to get drip emails from me.

And at the end of the day I can tell you, this is absolutely the EASIEST mlm lead prospecting I’ve done in years. And the most fun.  If a former engineer with absolutely no sales experience can do this and succeed, so can you.

Are you ready to have some fun prospecting mlm leads for your business?  Are you ready to start signing up new distributors?

Just do the things I outlined and you’ll have fun too.  Order mlm leads for prospecting.  Create a account which includes drip emails and mlm lead generation landing pages.  Then let the fun begin.

When you start prospecting your mlm leads the same way, you’ll love it too!

This mlm lead article described mlm lead prospecting, mlm lead capture pages and mlm lead generation landing pages.  Prospecting your mlm leads in this manner is the easiest way to prospect for your mlm business.

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