This article describes mlm lead prospecting and phone prospecting your mlm leads or network marketing leads.  Should you send emails before calling prospects?

It’s often that my network marketing clients will call and ask whether they should call their mlm leads list right away or should send an email to their network marketing leads before they prospect them over the telephone.

Here’s my answer…

Look at your own personal email inbox.  What do you see?

You see email from people that you know.  And since you know them, you readily go to those emails and open them.

And of course you see a lot of emails from people you don’t know.  What do you do with those?

Typically you scan the subject lines.  If your name doesn’t appear in the subject line, you tend to ignore them.  Right?

If the emails are from someone you don’t know, you tend to ignore them.

At least, that’s what I do.

So overall…

you tend to ignore emails from people you don’t know or have a relationship with.

And so do your prospects.

Therefore, I recommend that you pick up your MLM Leads List or your Network Marketing Leads List and start dialing leads without first sending emails.  Once you’ve created a connection with your prospect over the phone, you’re more likely to get your emails opened thereafter.

Until you’ve created a relationship with your prospect, you’re just like everyone else that’s filling the email inbox with unwanted email.

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This article described mlm lead prospecting and phone prospecting your mlm leads and network marketing leads.  I recommend you call your prospects before ever sending emails.  Since your network marketing prospects won’t know you until you call them,  they likely won’t open your prospecting emails.

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