This article describes mlm leads, mlm lead and mlm lead prospecting and prospecting trainer Mike Boggs prospecting MLM lead lists for his business opportunity.

Did you hear about Mike Boggs and his phone company?

The phone company cut off his service a couple of weeks ago.


They claimed he had an autodialer running on his home line.  So they cut his service without notice.

Mike asked “What makes you think I have an autodialer?”

Their response?

“Well Mr. Boggs, we see that on this date, you made exactly 106 calls in about one hour’s time.  You obviously have an autodialer running in your home as there is NO Way anyone can dial that many numbers in that amount of time when dialing by hand!”

Obviously they don’t know Mike.

Nor do they know Mike’s “Desire”.

You hear so much these days about automated dialing systems to make prospecting calls.

You don’t need a high priced automated dialer.  All you need is..


Now I know you’ve been reading all the news about the economy.  You’re likely frozen on the sofa watching the news as life passes you by.

Well, so what?  So what if the economy’s bad?

What are YOU going to do about it?

Are you going to sit on the sidelines and talk about what you’re “going” to do “when times get better”?

Or are you going to get off the sofa and make something happen?  Make some more money?

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.”  – Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company

Sit around watching the news or finding 4 new reps; hich of those two will make you money?

You know, I wonder…

What would your commission check be like if you spent an our prospecting 100 new leads this Saturday just like Mike?

You can do it.  Anyone with Desire can do it.

What would your commission check be like next month if you taught your top 5 distributors to dial 100 new leads this Saturday?

If you’re like Becky Parks, 100 leads would bring in 8 new reps.

8 new reps;  800 new people in your warm market.

What if your top 5 distributors are only half as good as you?  They bring in 4 reps out of 100 leads.

That’s 28 NEW Reps?!!!  2,800 new Warm Market Prospects!!

Are you doing the math with me?

2,800 new Warm Market Prospects for YOU!!

Now is the time to take action.

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This article described mlm leads, mlm lead and mlm lead prospecting and prospecting trainer Mike Boggs prospecting MLM lead lists for his business opportunity.  All this and more at

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