This article describes mlm leads, mlm lead training and mlm lead prospecting.  Job layoffs can happen at anytime.  Get reconnected to your business.

I talked to my cousin a couple of days ago.  He’s in a real pickle…

He’s been with a large, well respected corporation here in the Midwest for over 28 years.  This particular company has been the leader in their industry for decades.  They seemed impervious to the economy over the years.

Until now.

28 years ago, my cousin started out as a salesman for this company.  Being bright and ambitious, he even went back to graduate school at night and earned an MBA degree in sales
and marketing.  He consistently outperformed his peers through the years and moved up thru the company ranks.

Now, 28 years later, he’s “unemployed”.

He’s been laid off.

So what, right?

Why should YOU care, right?

You should care because if this can happen to a top producer in Corporate America, this can happen to YOU in Corporate America too.

No one is safe from layoffs these days.  Even prosperous companies are laying people off to improve their bottom line.

Now… the fact that you’re reading this blog article tells me that now or sometime in the past, you’ve been involved in the direct sales, mlm or network marketing industry.  So my question to you is…

>> “Are you Actively Building Your Plan ‘B’ I’ncome?”

If not, I strongly encourage you to get back in the mix of building your business.  Now is the time to get your Plan B working for you again.  Get reconnected before it’s too


Here’s what I want you to do to get reconnected with your business:

1. Contact Your Upline.
If you’re immediate upline business sponsor can’t help you, keep going upline until you find an upline member that can help you.  Tell your upline that you want to get things started again.  Ask for their commitment in supporting you.

2. Create An Action Plan.
Decide how much income you want your business to create for you.  Set a deadline for that income.  Then decide how much time you’ll have to commit to reach those goals.  Be realistic.  Once you’ve decided how much time you have to commit, mark that time out on your daily calendar.  That way your family knows your commitment.  And so do you.

3. Start Talking to People.
Talk to your warm market.  Let them know that you’re back in business.  Ask them for referrals.

Talk to your cold market.  Do your own advertising or lead generation.  Or buy a list from us at  Do whatever it takes to start talking to new people.  Once you bring a new person in from the cold market, get into their warm market.  Those are f’ree leads for you.

Set these actions into motion today.

Give yourself enough time to become successful in your business.  Give yourself enough time to learn the skills you’ll need to get your income where you want it.

That way you won’t find yourself all alone without a paycheck one day.

And remember, I’m here to help.


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This article described mlm leads, mlm lead training and mlm lead prospecting.  Job layoffs can happen at anytime.  Get reconnected to your business.

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