This mlm leads prospecting article describes reviving a dead mlm lead downline. Spend time prospecting new mlm lead prospects.  Or revive your mlm downline and make money from home.

Every so often we receive calls asking whether our MLM Call Center Dial Service can be used to call dead mlm lead downlines.  The answer is “Yes”!

Calling a dead downline (provided you have a dead downline) is a great way to rejuvenate your mlm sales organization.  Use the Call Center and your custom phone script to renew their interests.

Here are a few points to think about as you use the Call Center Dial Service:

* Purpose.  Recognize what the purpose is of the call.  Are you wanting to get your product users back on an autoship?  Are you wanting to get once active distributors active in promoting the business opportunity again?  Define the goal of the Call Center Dial campaign.

* Incentive.  When we call your downline, they’re going to be asking themselves.. “What’s in it for me?”  Give them a clear reason why they should get re-engaged with your company, product or service.  Then “bribe” them.  Give them an incentive for getting started right away.

What kind of incentive?

If it is product, maybe you give them additional product.  Or maybe you put some people in their sales organization to help them get their product paid for.

If they’re mlm business builders, maybe you give them a prize for most volume over a period of time.  Maybe you purchase and send them free mlm leads for getting back into business.

Be creative in creating incentives for your mlm downline.

* What’s New.  Use the Call Center Dial Service to tell your dead mlm downline about the latest products or services that your company is offering.

* Phone Script.  If you don’t have a phone script, we can give you some ideas based on the two points listed above.  Either way, we’ll dial the downline leads for you using the phone script that you’ve specified.

* Confidential Information.  There have been a few times that customers have asked us what we do with the data once the mlm lead call center dial campaign is over.  The answer is that we send the data back to you.  We recognize that a list of downline members is your personal business asset and that use of that list for any other purpose than yours could be detrimental to your business.  As such, your legal interests are covered in our Privacy Policy.  And if that’s not enough protection, we’ll gladly sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you to future ensure the protection of your confidential information.

When it comes to building an mlm business, calling a mlm downline can often create a cash influx.  Not only will it increase your monthly mlm residual income, but it can help you win time-sensitive bonus promotions that your company may be offering.

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This mlm leads prospecting article described how to revive a dead mlm lead downline. You can spend time prospecting new mlm lead prospects.  Or you can call your dead mlm downline and bring them back into your business.

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