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How would you like to learn a simple technique that could improve your mlm lead prospecting and sponsorship rates 197% starting today?

The key to your improved results may be as simple as getting your prospects to  “like” you.

In the book “How to Win Friends & Influence People“, Dale Carnegie describes the “6 ways to make people like you”.  He describes that if you want people to like you, then you must first become genuinely interested in them.

So, how can you demonstrate to your mlm lead prospects you’re genuinely interested in them?

You can start by A) asking them questions about themselves and B) listening to their answers.

The better you get your prospects to talk about themselves, then listening to their answers, the more your prospects will like you.  The more your prospects like you, the more likely they will join you and your business.

Your Talk/Listen Ratio.

As you prospect over the telephone, be aware of your talk/listen ratio.  I recommend that you spend 20-25% of the time asking your prospect open-ended questions that will keep them talking about themselves for 75-80% of the time.

Once you have your prospect talking, you must become a better listener.

Some say that as listeners, we only pay attention to about 25% of what we hear.  If that is true, then we’re likely forgetting, ignoring or misunderstanding 75% of what our mlm lead prospects are telling us.

7 Tips to Improve Your Listening

Go from being a “good” listener to becoming a “wealthy” listener using the following listening tips:

1) Resist the Distractions. You must concentrate on what is being said in the conversation.  To do that, you most resist the distractions that are present in your office – like the computer.

I often avoid distractions by simply getting up from my desk and walking around the office.

2) Become an Opportunist. Ask yourself “what’s in this conversation for me?”  Look for areas of the conversation that you can explore so that you continue to investigate your prospect’s needs.

Prospecting is much like peeling an onion.  You have to get past the outer layers to find the real issues that are prompting your prospect to look for a home-based business.

3) Keep Alert. When you are listening to a slow talker, it can be easy to start daydreaming.  Stop it.  Resist the temptation.  Keep your prospect at the center of your attention.

4) Listen to the Mile-High Conversation.
Sometimes conversation details can be distracting.  When you listen to the details, you end up forgetting about the real issue at hand for your prospect.  So instead of focusing on every detail, try focusing on your prospect’s big picture – their “why” they’re looking to make money from home.

If you can show them a way to solve their “why”, they’ll be more likely to join your business.

5) Listen and Report. As you listen, jot down bullet points that summarize the conversation.  Your notes should be brief and to the point.

Notes are important to your prospecting.  They will help you re-engage your prospects during follow-up calls.  They’ll also act as a way of introducing your prospect to your team during 3-way calls.

6) Hold Up, Listen Up. Don’t make snap judgments on what your prospect may be saying.  Don’t start talking over your prospect until your prospect is done talking.

7) Clarify. Always seek to clarify what your prospect has told you.  By clarifying, you demonstrate that you are truly interested in what your prospect is saying.

It has been said that a person becomes more interesting the moment they stop talking, and start listening.  Become that person with your mlm lead prospect.

Once you become a better listener, you’ll become more attractive to your prospects in a business sense.  And the more attractive you become, the more mlm lead prospects will want to join you and your business.

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This described mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead generation and mlm lead prospecting. Now you know how to quickly and easily make mlm lead prospects like you and want to do business with you mlm company.

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