This describes mlm lead prospecting, network marketing lead prospecting and how to live without social security or medicare benefits by having a home based business.

Each morning NBC TV has various financial analysts on their show reporting new economic indicators and what they mean to the economy.

A couple of days ago, NBC reported that unemployment rates were growing.  Due to the higher rate of unemployment, less money is being paid into Social Security and Medicare.

What does that mean to you?

Well at the current “burn” rate, Social Security benefits will be depleted by the year 2037.

That’s only 28 years from now.

And at the current burn rate, Medicare benefits will be depleted in their entirety by the year 2017.

That’s only 8 years from now.

I’m 50 years old as of this writing.  So at age 58, my Medicare benefits will be gone.  They’ll be gone long before I retire.

At age 78, I should no longer expect Social Security.  Maybe I’ll get 12 good years out if it if I’m lucky.

If you’re younger than me, I wouldn’t bank on receiving any checks at all.

Knowing that both golden parachutes are “soon” to expire, what are your options?

Starting and growing a business of your own is the way to go.

Listen, if you’ve been on the sidelines for awhile and have not been growing your network marketing business, then now is the time to get a move on.  Now is the time to start something of your own.

You can’t depend on Social Security.  You can’t depend on Medicare to take care of you.

The only person you can depend on to take care of you is YOU.

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