This mlm lead prospecting article describes mlm lead, mlm leads and mlm lead prospecting and how to create an MLM Lead Elevator Pitch that sells.

When it comes to prospecting MLM Leads for your MLM business opportunity, do you have a good “Elevator Pitch”?

What’s an “Elevator Pitch”?

An elevator pitch is a quick story that you tell about your mlm company, product or service.  It tells the mlm prospect what your company product or service is, what it is you do and how you make money in your MLM home business.  It also gives your mlm lead prospect an idea of whether that business is something they could do or not.

So when someone asks you what you do, what’s your MLM Elevator Pitch?

Here’s an example of an “MLM Elevator Pitch”..

Let’s say your MLM product and business opportunity is promoting an energy drink.  So when an MLM Lead prospect asks you what you do, you can answer..

“Well, you know how most people say that they’d like to have more energy during the day, or how they’d like to make more money?

“Well with our company, we provide a healthy energy drink that pays. It’s all natural.  It tastes great and it’s good for you.  People love it and tell other people about it. And when that happens, the company sends you a check in the mail for the rest of your life.”

“That’s it.  What do you think?”

That MLM Elevator Pitch took about 17 seconds to recite and prospect.

The pitch can be shortened or lengthened depending on your situation.

And if you noticed, the elevator pitch told the mlm lead prospect..

* what the product was
* what you do in that business
* how you get paid.

Now, notice what was missing out of the elevator pitch.  There was no mention of..

* scientific or nutritional terminology or jargon
* pending patents or legal jargon
* compensation plans or pay plan jargon

The MLM Elevator Pitch simply told the prospect what they wanted to know, and that is:

* what is it?
* how do you do it?
* how do you make money?
* will it work for me?

Then it ended with the question: “What do you think?”

It asked your MLM Lead prospect what they thought of your MLM business opportunity business presentation.  So at that point, your MLM Lead prospect can say nothing.. say they’re interested in learning more.. or say they know someone that might be interested.  Based on how they react, you know whether or not to continue with them in the MLM lead prospecting process.

Next time you’re preparing your Call Center Dial Time Phone Script, please keep these MLM Lead Elevator Pitch points in mind.  By employing a targeted Elevator Pitch, you’ll create targeted mlm leads for your business opportunity.

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