This mlm leads, mlm lead list and mlm lead prospecting tip tells how to a create business opportunity testimonial that sell your MLM business opportunity.

In my last installment, I described how to create a product testimonial that sells.  I gave you an example of the testimonial that I used for my business at the time.

In today’s installment, I’m going to tell you exactly how to create a business testimonial that will sell your business.

A business testimonial is similar to the product testimonial in that you list the top 4 results that happened to you in business.  The 4th result is the “best for last” result.  That’s the punch line.  Then you follow that up with the a call to action.

So here’s an example of the business testimonial that I used years back.  It went like this…

“So when I got those kind of products results, I started telling everyone that I knew about the product.  Before I knew it, I started getting commission checks in the mail from the company.  That was their way of telling me ‘thanks’.

“As an engineer in the defense electronics industry, there was always a threat of layoffs.  So I started think that maybe I could start building a business part-time to get out of my full-time engineering J-O-B.

“The first month in business I made $___.  Six months into business I made $___.  Two years into the business I had built my checks up to a point where I could fire my boss and leave full time engineering job.

“But that’s not even the best part.

“The best part is that I’ve been home everyday to raise my two boys – ages 13 and 9.  They’ve never know a day when I wasn’t there to wake them in the morning or tell them goodnight at night.  All of their lives they’ve seen me work from home.  Now, I’m teaching them how to do the same as they grow up.

“I encourage you to try the products out yourself and see how they work for you.  Since they’re money-back guaranteed, you really have absolutely no risk in trying them yourself.

“At the same time, you can review all the business information.  Put the products to the test and the information in your mind.  Let the two meet at your heart.  Let your heart tell you whether this is a business for you or not.  It’s working really well for most people.  I’m sure it will work well for you too.”

That’s it!  That is a business testimonial that sells.

Once you have your product/service testimonial, follow it with your business testimonial.  Then practice reciting those testimonials to one another so that you get really good at it.

And once you and your team learn how to develop your own business testimonials, you’ll be able to sell more products and get more people started in your mlm business opportunity or network marketing opportunity.

The better your team gets at telling the story, the bigger and better your paycheck will become.

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This article described mlm leads, mlm lead list and a mlm lead prospecting tip which tells how to recite a business opportunity testimonial that sells your mlm business opportunity to make more money.

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