This mlm lead generation and mlm lead prospecting article describes how this mlm distributor topped the pay plan in 3 different mlm companies.  Learn how now.

Did I ever tell you the story about Paul?

Paul is a customer of mine.  He’s bought our MLM Leads for years.  He has no formal training in sales or marketing.  Yet he’s gone to the top of the pay plan in 3 different companies now.  Paul has built large teams of distributors all around the country.  And he’s done it from the comfort of his spare bedroom at home.

2 years ago, Paul left his old MLM company to join a new business opportunity.

2 months after joining this new mlm, Paul’s income went to $1,000 per week.

3 months after that, Paul was again at the top of the mlm company pay plan.  And he’s stayed there ever since.

But that’s not even the best part.

The best part is that Paul started this new business from “scratch”.  That’s right, from scratch.  While many distributors will switch mlm companies and take their mlm downlines with them, Paul didn’t.  He started over from scratch.

It’s been 2 years now and Paul has over 17,400 distributors in his new organization and it continues to grow.

So… why am I telling you this story?

I’m telling you because I want to share Paul’s “secrets” with you.  I want to tell you exactly “what” Paul did and “how” he did it.

You see, I’m writing a report that I hope will reveal all of Paul’s secrets.  I’ll get into his head and ask about everything he did.  That way I can tell you and then you can do the same in your mlm business.

So, please do me a favor…

Please comment on this blog article below and tell me exactly which of Paul’s “secrets” you want to know about.  That way I can include your answers in this “secret” report.

Maybe you want to know about…

* whether he built his business online vs. offline
* whether he built in the cold market or warm market
* what sales aids did he use
* what sales aids did he have to develop
* what tools did he use
* what tools did he have to develop
* what sales aids or tools were provided by his company
* did he advertise online or offline
* what prospecting methods did he use
* did he call prospects
* did he send emails
* how did he drive traffic to web sites
* what mlm lead prospecting landing pages worked the best
* what landing page ad copy worked the best
* what follow-up methods did he use
* how many people did he have to prospect
* how did he stay organized
* how did he schedule his time daily
* how did he use web video and web audio in prospecting
* how did he use web video and web audio in training
* did he lead with the product or the business
* did he provide product samples, or not
* did he use any scripts
* how did he present the business
* did he use any mlm lead generation marketing system
* if so, what was included in the marketing system
* how did he follow-up
* how often did he follow-up* how long did he follow-up
* what did his emails say
* what were his conversion rates
* what sort of training did he provide
* how did distributors access the training
* how did he get new distributors started
* what personal development did he pursue

Please go to the bottom of this article now and use the comment form.  Tell me all the questions you would like me to ask.

So what are you waiting for?

You ask me the questions.  I’ll ask Paul for the answers.

Thanks for reading today.  In the meanwhile, pick up some mlm leads for this week’s mlm lead prospecting.  See the leads selection at

This mlm lead generation and mlm lead prospecting article described how this mlm distributor topped the pay plan in 3 different mlm companies.  Read the article and ask me the questions to learn how.

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