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You’ve heard the news.  There’s Doom and Gloom about the economy.  People are afraid.  When they’re afraid, they don’t take an action.

Well with all the doom and gloom, there is some good news coming out this week about making money from home with an MLM or network marketing business.

The Recession Has Become a Recruiting Tool

I don’t know of anyone today that ISN’T concerned about their finances.  White collar and blue collar workers alike have been affected by the economy.  Both are looking for ways to preserve their lifestyle while getting ahead.

Most people right now are looking for the “Plan B”.  And that’s where you come in.

Unlike any  time in your business, you have right now an unprecedented opportunity to prospect more people than ever for your business opportunity.  Most everyone you know is a candidate.  Even those you don’t know yet are candidates.  Everyone is looking for a way to make extra money from home.

Here at we’re seeing unprecedented response rates – both to our advertising to generate MLM leads or network marketing leads, and in our customers signing up new distributors from their leads.

I can tell you that if I were a distributor promoting a business opportunity right now, it would be “game on!”  Not only would I challenge myself daily to set newer and higher prospecting goals, but I’d also be on the phone with my group.  I would let them listen-in on me while I telephone prospect.  There is nothing like leading by example to get people into action.

I’d also set daily and weekly prospecting challenges with my team.  Let’s see who can make the most prospecting dials in an hour!  Let’s see who can get the most new people on the phone in a day or week.  Those challenges will result in larger distributor paychecks.  It has to.  It’s the law of averages working in your favor.

So when it comes to the Doom and Gloom of the economy, you can sit on the sidelines and wait until it gets better.

Or you can get into action and talk to the millions of people out there that are looking for Plan B.

Your challenge should be to find as many new distributors before the economy gets better!

MLM and Network Marketing Gaining Exposure

The USA Today recently published an article entitled “Direct sales (like Avon, Mary Kay) offer recession-proof jobs”. In the article they tell how more and more people are turning to direct sales as a Plan B income.  They also describe how more and more people are succeeding and turning Plan “B” into Plan “A” income.

In that article, Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association, the trade group that represents the largest U.S. direct sales companies reports that:

“We’re recession-resistant in the sense that more people come to us during economic hard times for supplemental income or replacement of a lost job,”

Let’s face it… young people are looking.. older retirees are looking.. the white-collar executives are looking… the blue-collar factory workers are looking.  Everyone is looking for an alternative way to put money in their pocket – Right Now!

MLM and Network Marketing Is Now Prime Time

Avon aired a 30-second commercial during the last Super Bowl football game.  They will be running their TV ads all year.

At the same time, May Kay launched a television ad.  Traffic to their website spike 108% in just 3 days with that advertising.

Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” recently featured an ACN product and the business opportunity throughout an hour-long episode.

And right now we’re watching the NBA Playoffs on TV.  The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic are playing some great basketball.  Those games are being watched by millions of prime-time television viewers.  And while that’s great for sports fans, the best part about that series is that the Orlando Magic games are being played in Amway Arena.

Amway Arena!

National TV ads.. Donal Trump endorsements… network marketing company sponsored sporting arenas… It doesn’t get any better than this! So…


Go find some new distributors.  People are looking for someone to contact them about making money from home.

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