The mlm lead prospecting article describes the 15 attributes of MLM winners.  How badly do you want to win in MLM lead prospecting?  Do you want to become “extraordinary” in your MLM business?

In the book “Win”, author Dr. Frank Luntz describes how top performers win in all areas of human endeavor by utilizing superb communication skills.  They win because they’re able to effectively communicate with others around them.

In Chapter 1 of his book, Luntz describes the 15 universal attributes of winners.  These 15 attributes are what differentiate genuine winners from everyone else:

1. The ability to grasp the human dimension of every situation. For the MLM distributor prospecting their MLM leads, this means that it’s not about your company, product or service.  It’s really about the person you’re prospecting.  It’s about their personal, human needs.  Why would they consider taking on the extra work from home?  What’s missing out of their life?

2. The ability to know what questions to ask and when to ask them. When prospecting, spend less time telling and describing.  Spend more time asking questions of your prospect’s needs, wants and desires.

3. The ability to see what doesn’t yet exist and bring it to life. Help your prospect create a word picture of what their life would be like working with you.

4. The ability to see the challenge, and the solution, from every angle. Ask your mlm lead prospect “need” questions.  Then position your mlm business as the solution to the mlm prospect needs.

5. The ability to distinguish the essential from the important. Know that what is essential for you may not be important to your mlm lead prospect.

6. The ability and the drive to do more and do it better. Winners want to win.

7. The ability to communicate their vision passionately and persuasively. Winners make others believe that it’s possible for them also.

8. The ability to move forward when everyone around them is retrenching or slipping backward. Winners don’t wait for things to happen or improve.  They make it happen.

9. The ability to connect with other spontaneously. My mother had the gift of connection.  When she engaged in conversation with you, you felt like you were the most important person in the world.  Me – I have to work at it.  Maybe you do to.

10. A curiosity about the unknown. In business, they ask “What if..?”

11. A passion for life’s adventures. Like MLM great Mark Yarnell once said about success.. “It’s not about the destination.  It’s about the trip along the way that is to be savored.”

12. A chemistry with the people they work with and the people they want to influence. You can get what you want out of life by taking a genuine interest in others and helping them get what they want out of life.

13. The willingness to fail and the fortitude to get back up and try again. You have to be “bad” before you can be good.  Examine and learn from your mistakes to make incremental improvements.  Note that even the best baseball players in the world strikeout 7 out of 10 times.

14. A belief in luck and good fortune. What you think about, comes about.  Fill your mind with the positive.  When you find yourself being negative, consciously seek out new positive thoughts.

15. A love of life itself. Realize that you are blessed.  As bad as it may seem at times, others have it worse.  Be thankful for what you have.  Do what you love.  Love what you do.

These are the 15 attributes that Luntz identifies in winners.

How do you compare to these 15 attributes?

How important are these attributes in MLM?  Use the Comment box below to tell us what you think.

The mlm lead prospecting article described the 15 attributes of winners.  To success in your mlm lead prospecting, try to emulate what winners do to succeed so that you can do the same.

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