This mlm lead prospecting article describes mlm lead prospecting with direct mail and mlm lead mailing lists.  Will direct mail work for you?

There was a time when much of the MLM lead prospecting centered around the use of direct mail.  That was a time when the mailbox would be filled with “junk mail”.  If you were like me, you often sorted your mail over the trash bag so that you could quickly get rid of the ads.

Since then, most of the mlm lead prospecting, marketing and advertising has gone digital.  Now people send email and direct mlm lead prospects to websites to get instant information.  And because it is all digital, it’s relatively low cost and easy to do.

So now that people are prospecting and marketing digitally, where does that leave direct mail for MLM lead prospecting?

Well since so many people have gone digital, there is less and less competition for the postal mailbox these days.  That’s good news for your direct mail mlm lead prospecting.

When it comes to using direct mail, there are a few considerations you’ll want to pay close attention to.  They include:

* Printing Costs. The more colors you use, the higher the cost.  The larger the print piece, the higher the cost.

* Mailing Costs. It costs more to send a letter than it does a postcard.

* Meter VS. Stamps. Mail pieces that are metered pull lower response than those that are have an actual stamp.  A stamp is associated with a personal mail piece in the prospect’s mind.

* Mailing Addresses. You want to have a good mlm leads mailing list that includes postal addresses.

* Handwritten VS. Printed. Handwritten mailings always out-pull printed mailings.  “Hand written” fonts rarely fool the mlm lead prospect.

* Mailing Day. When you mail the marketing piece is equally important.  Ideally you’d like the mailing to arrive at your prospects home on Tuesday.  Monday’s tend to deliver a larger of volume of email.  There is less mail competition on Tuesday.

* Frequency. Like any form of advertising, frequency is the key.  The more times you can get the prospect to see the ad, the more likely they’ll respond.

* Call to Action. Make sure your mailing tells the prospect exactly what you want them to do once they’ve read the mailing.  Give your prospect a clear “call to action” and tell them what you want them to do next.

When it comes to prospecting your mlm leads using direct mail, there is less and less competition for the postal box.  That means that your direct mail ad is more likely to be read today when compared to a few years ago.

Be aware that direct mail isn’t for everyone.  There are hard costs associated with direct mail that you should account for.

Please understand that like any form of advertisement, the better you get with direct mail, the better the results you’ll experience.  But it takes repeated mailings to get that experience.  With each mailing, you should track your results and strive to learn and improve with each mailing.

This mlm lead prospecting article described mlm lead prospecting with direct mail and mlm lead mailing lists.  Direct mail can work for you if you’re smart about it.

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