This is the first of a series of articles where Troy Dooly interviews the MLM Lead List Queen, Gina Sprenkle as she shares her years of experience and insight into MLM lead generation.

In this first part, I talk to Gina about her background and how she got started in this great profession.I think we can all agree that network marketing or MLM is a fun but tough career, and is not for everyone. So when a person comes along like Gina and is willing to share the secrets of her success, you should stop and listen.

As someone who has been in this profession for over 25 years, and in lead generation for the last 10, I know a little about what it takes to create top quality MLM leads, and how to grow a multi-million dollar organization.

However, when I interviewed Gina, I hung up the phone with a notepad full of new nuggets to use in future posts.

This interview is worth a million dollars in new business if you will take the time to listen.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly