This describes mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead generation and Facebook mlm lead generation. Is Facebook the place to generate your mlm leads?

It is often that I read articles posted on the web that say “the best mlm leads are the ones you generate yourself.”  While I don’t always agree with that statement due to the time and money it takes to generate your own MLM leads, it is obvious that some people like to generate their own mlm leads.  And some think that the place to generate those mlm leads is at Facebook.

Earlier this week I did a quick survey of my readers.  I asked:

How has Facebook worked for you for mlm lead generation?  Tell me things like..

* It generates a few mlm leads / ton of leads
* Takes little time / takes lot of time
* How much time a day spent on this method

* How many leads generated / day, week
* How many new reps sponsored
* How many others cross prospect you
* Your feeling on whether the method is duplicatable
* True cost of the lead when you factor your time

Several responses were pretty interesting.  They included:

>> “I have not used Facebook.” — Terry D.

>> “I have not used Facebook to generate leads, however I am open.” — Rosetta H.

>>  “I just can’t get to keeping up with FB, so don’t use it at all for mlm lead generation at his time.” — Janet R.

>>  “I haven’t actually used FB to advertise, not sure of the policies and how to go about it.  I haven’t had anyone on there inquire of my business though.…” — Susan M

>>  “I cannot give a honest reply because I just became a Facebook member…. As network marketer, we must first establish a relationship by moving people from cold market to warm market and that will take effort on my part.” — Victor K

>>  “Never have used Facebook.  I looked at a ‘guru’ on it and felt that I would feel that I was stalking people and requesting people to be a friend only for the purpose of recruiting them or selling them.  I felt it wasn’t for me.  Just my thoughts.  God Bless.” — Scott B

There was also this comment:

>>  “I’m sure I’m doing everything wrong when it comes to prospecting on Facebook. When I started MLM, I was all about my opportunity. Then with a lot of reading, learning and patience, I changed direction.

“Now I post other peoples articles that I find interesting, including my own blog posts. It’s all about trying to give others value.

“Unfortunately, I have had zero success. Most of the people on my friends list are trying to sell me their opportunity or something else. But that’s okay. I will continue giving out things of value to whoever wants to read them. I will continue reading and learning and truly believe that there will be a positive payback in the near future. I feel like I’m ‘planting seeds’.” — Walter W.

And finally this comment from someone that spent considerable time trying to generate their own mlm leads on Facebook:

>>  “I tried for 6 months using Facebook and Twitter.  I spent hours working on it, and the only thing people signed up for was XXXX which was free to join.

“Everyone has their own agenda.  Now I put something up a couple of times a week, but I’m not trying to harvest mlm leads like I was.

“I was going into chat and starting conversations with people, like ‘I really like your picture’ etc.  I brought no one into my primary business although my upline says he has brought some people in.” — Carla S.

So now that you’ve heard from some of my readers, tell us; how has it worked for you?

Does Facebook mlm lead generation live up to all the hype?

Or is Facebook mlm lead generation just another “how-to” info product that awaits your purchase somewhere on the web?

Please use the comment box below to give us your feedback.

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This article described mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead generation and Facebook mlm lead generation. Is Facebook the place to generate your mlm leads?  I’m betting that it won’t be.  I’m betting you’ll spend more time and money without any real return to show for it.

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