This mlm lead generation article describes the ultimate goal of an mlm lead capture landing page.  The main goal may surprise you.

As owner of, I have seen a lot of MLM lead capture landing pages in my time.  Some good.  Some bad.

Some really bad.

So I decided to put this short video together to remind MLM distributors of what the main purpose of an MLM lead capture landing page is supposed to be.  Please play the button below to get “recalibrated”.  That way you will focus on what’s important in your MLM lead capture landing page. Playtime: 6:37 min.

The best mlm lead capture landing page system I’ve found is at

This mlm lead generation video described the real reason for having an mlm lead capture landing page.  Keep the focus of your landing page on what’s important.  Is the prospect “looking”.. or are they not?

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