MLM Lead Generation Sucks! This seems to be the mantra for some of the most successful MLM Leaders in the last 10 years. Yet, when you dig deeper into their backgrounds you find some very interesting facts.

It reminds me of Governor Spitzer of New York. When he was the Attorney General of the state, he seemed to have one kind of message, then when he became the Governor, he decided that abiding by the ethics message he had ran on did not apply.

Which is what so many of the biggest names in MLM are doing today when they say MLM Lead Generation Sucks.

By now you may be asking, just how does Troy know these folks are preaching a different message today, than they were when they were in their prime building stages? Which is a fair question, and here is the answer.

I supported, trained, and sold leads to them and their downlines for the last 8 years. And in at least one case I was a partner with him in an MLM lead company.

S o what is it that causes a person to live by one message, and then change down the road? Could it be the fact that the money today is coming from a different source, than when they promoted lead generation? I say yes! In 99.9% of the time the reason a person’s message changes is because they are now earning their income from a different kind of marketing system, or funded proposal and in order to market their personal funded proposal, or that of a join venture they have to change their marketing message.

Here is a list of some of the most predominate leaders in network marketing who built their foundations on MLM Lead Generation.

Mark Wieser – XanGo Top Earner & Founder of Sure Fire Sponsoring. Mark was the top personal sponsor for 15 months at ProSTEP, Inc. (The world’s largest lead generation company in network marketing for 10 years) between 2002 and 2004 earning six figures by bringing in new members to buy leads at the average cost of $400 per month.

Mike Dillard – Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring and Carbon Copy sponsoring systems. Mike was also a member of ProSTEP using our leads and sponsoring new people into the company to buy those leads. He also used and promoted using MLM radio Co-op leads for over two years.

Ann Sieg – Top Send Out Cards Earner and Founder of The Renegade Network Marketer. Ann was the top sponsor at Leaders Club for years, before launching her new online system and telling folks MLM Leads don’t work.

Ellie Drake – Founder of “The Death Of Network Marketing” system. Ellie is a former top earner in NLFI & MySmartNetworker a lead generation company now out of business.

Brad Wienman – Attraction Marketing Blueprint and former top earner in ProSTEP, Inc. Brad was one of our top earners in ProSTEP personally sponsoring and building a nice size organization.

Tim Erway – MLM traffic Formula – Tim built his MLM Career by raising to the top of two MLM Lead generation companies ProSTEP & Traffic Oasis before launching his online system.

These are just a few of the many leaders who are now promoting their own online funded proposals.

I have known most of these folks for years and call many personal friends. I can also say they have great hearts and love their teams. But…

I do question what their agendas. If MLM Lead Generation was so bad that they now have to write about it, then why did they continue month after month bring people into the lead generation business? Not just one or two people, but each of these leaders earned what most of America would call a full time income just from lead generation.

Tomorrow, I am going to show you some of the other great leaders in Network Marketing who year after year have been preaching the same message and year after year continue to dominate the leader’s charts at Top MLM Earners using lead generation as their main tool for growing large successful teams.

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