This article describes MLM lead generation and MLM lead generation co-ops to generate company specific leads for those building a network marketing business opportunity.

Today I’m pleased to announce the addition of Troy Dooly to the staff. Troy becomes the new Vice President of Business Development for

Why is this information significant to you?

This announcement is significant to you because Dooly will be creating custom MLM lead generation ad co-ops specific to companies, products and services. More on that in a moment.

For those of you that don’t already know Dooly, he’s been a top distributor in a number of network marketing opportunities. He was also Director of Sales and Marketing of ProStep several years ago. He later became Prostep’s Vice President. During his Prostep tenure, Dooly created a number of customized TV, radio and online MLM lead generation ad co-ops for his customers. He served over 55,000 distributors in over 150 different companies.

Dooly also developed a number of training and support systems while at Prostep. Needless to say, Dooly brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to that can help many distributors like you succeed working from home.

Last week Dooly and I tested a new custom redirected lead from a new advertising network we just brought online. The results were very exciting. Here’s how it worked:

Prospects were directed to a landing page where they read an ad on making money from home. Those that were interested in learning more filled out the form and hit the “submit” button. They were then redirected to a second landing page which presented a business opportunity. Those that were interested were then instructed to fill out a second landing page to receive a product sample. Nearly 25% of all prospects requested a sample from the second landing page.

Those are very strong results.

But they get better.

We sent all the leads over to Mike Boggs for dialing. You probably know Mike Boggs as the prospecting pro that dials leads live during our Live Prospecting Calls. Mike dialed thru the list 4 times and successfully contacted 70% of the leads. Of those he talked to, 41% said they were serious about making money from home. Press the “Play” button below to hear it for yourself.

Are those the type of prospecting results you’d like to see with your MLM lead list?

If so, give us a call to see how our MLM lead ad co-ops might be used to generate leads for your particular company, product or service. Call us at (785) 539-6904 or use the Contact Us form.

And by the way… the redirect leads are extremely limited and are on a first-come first-served basis.

In summary, MLM lead generation and MLM lead generation co-ops can generate company specific leads for your network marketing business opportunity business.


Enrique Garibay

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