This article describes mlm leads, mlm lead generation and how to successfully prospect your mlm lead list during the month of December.

In today’s training audio, you’re going to hear from my good friend and network marketing PRO George Hou.

George started his business during the month of November a few years ago.  It’s what he did during December that brought big checks to George during January.

Press the play button below now to hear George as describes how PROs use the month of December to build big January paychecks.

By the way.. did you hear what Jim Bartlett said about his Real-Time Direct to Website Leads?

Jim spent $187 and made $3,000.

Jim, that’s almost like printing money!!

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In summary, successfully prospecting your mlm leads and mlm lead list can take a seemingly non-producing month of December and produce a full harvest of new mlm distributors for the month of January.   The key to January success is to talk to a lot of people in December.

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