This describes mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists and mlm leads voice broadcasting.  FTC is cracking down on Robocalls.  Don’t use voice broadcasting for mlm lead generation.

Last month I wrote an article describing how annoying robocalls were from services like Ibuzzpro.  Since that writing, I still receive 5 calls a day “about my business”.  Each caller asks me to call them back right away as they have just a few questions for me.  The caller IDs always point back to their sizzle lines which then solicit me about their business opportunity.

Since then, the FTC has gone after one of the largest robocallers ever – the one that calls to tell you that your car warranty is about to expire.

In complaints filed in the United States District Court in Chicago, the agency accusestelemarketer Voice Touch and warranty outfit Transcontinental Warranty of deceptive sales practices and violating telemarketing rules with their relentless prerecorded sales pitches for extended vehicle warranties. Among the companies’ numerous violations: dialing every number in a given area code, including those listed in the National Do Not Call Registry; robocalling 911 emergency centers; regularly spoofing call recipients by transmitting phony Caller ID information so that call they can’t identify the originating number; and pressuring consumers into purchasing bogus extended service contracts for their cars.

Folks, read the writing on the wall.  Stop using robocall services.  If you use these services, not only will you be breaking the law but you’ll be annoying a lot of people.

And who wants to do business with annoying people?

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