This describes mlm lead generation, blog article lead generation and blog article mlm lead generation.  Does blog article mlm lead generation really work?  Read to find out.

There probably an infinite number of ways that you can generate your own mlm leads for your mlm business.  Each method will require either your time, money or both.

And though you may select a method that is either fun, easy or affordable for you, it may not be the same for those that join your business.

When choosing a prospecting method, ask yourself:

Is what I’m doing duplicatable by the masses?

Can others easily do what I’m doing and get the same results?

And for the record, I generate leads for my site everyday using articles.  But before I go into the specifics of what I do and how I do it.. check out this interview I did with my friend and top producer Paul Kroto.  In the interview, we discuss Blog Article MLM Lead Generation.  Press the Play button below to play the interview.

Let’s talk about some advantages that Blog Article MLM Lead Generation provides you:

1) Inexpensive. There are number of free blog sites and ezine article sites that allow you to host and post content at little to no cost at all.

2) Create As Much As You Like. There is no limit to the number of articles you can write on any number of topics you want to write about.  The sky is the limit.

3) Search Engine Love. If readers and search engines find your information of value, they’ll give you a lot of love.  That means they’ll tell others about you.  That could result in others visiting your site from direct referrals or from a search engine listing.

4) Link Readers To Your Lead Capture. When you get a visitor to your article, you can link them over to your mlm lead capture page where they can get even more information.

Those are the 4 main advantages of blog article MLM Lead Generation as I see it.  You may have identified others that I haven’t talked about.

Now let’s talk about several disadvantages associated with blog article MLM Lead Generation.  They include:

A) Must Be Able to Write Ad Copy. To be successful with blog article mlm lead generation, it is important that you create articles that are of value to the reader.  So that means that you must have skills in writing ad copy that will not only bring value but will also invite your reader to take action.  Being a good ad copy writer is a skill all by itself.

B) Must Be Able to Craft Keywords. It is one thing to write content that brings value to the reader.  It is another thing to write ad copy and post keywords and key phrases in that copy that will be likened by the search engines.  Without the keywords and phrases, the article won’t be found or indexed by the search engines.

C) Time Consuming. Yes, blog article writing is extremely time consuming.  This may present the biggest challenge to the distributor that is building their business on a part-time basis.

D) Cookie Cutter Failure. One way that some distributors have tried to get around the time issue is to write articles and then distribute those articles to their team.  The team then posts the articles in their blog under their name.

I’ve seen this over and over again over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately it does the part-time distributor more harm than good.


The part-time distributor has made the investment in their business.  They’ve also made the commitment to maintain a blog or post articles on ezine sites.  Not knowing any better, the part-time distributor has copied and pasted the article into their blog or like site.  So the exact same copy gets posted over and over and over and over again on multiple sites.  While the reader may not know the difference, the search engines sure do.  And because they see the same content over and over again, the search engines discount the content and the site hosting the content.  They see the content for what it is – just a copy.  As such, the search engines don’t rank the site for the keywords or phrases that the part-time distributor had hoped for.

Without search engine indexing, there is no blog article mlm lead generation.

With no blog article mlm lead generation, there are no lead for the part-time distributor to prospect.

So the part-time distributor is out of time and money AND they still have no one to talk to.


Please understand that there are dozens of ways to generate mlm leads for your business.  But ask yourself this question when you choose a reaching-out method:

* Is what I’m doing right now duplicatable?

* Can anyone on my team do this right now and get the same results?

Once you ask yourself that question, you may find that you begin to make different choices when it comes to your MLM Lead prospecting.

In the meanwhile, try our Real-Time MLM Leads for your business.  That way you can spend your time talking t0 new people about your mlm business.

This described mlm lead generation, blog article lead generation and blog article mlm lead generation.  Does blog article mlm lead generation really work?  The bigger question should be: is what I’m doing right now duplicatable?

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