This describes mlm leads, network marketing lead generation and Pay Per Click (PPC) fraud when generating mlm leads or network marketing leads for home businesses.

Recently I wrote an article entitled “Did Google Send Replacements“.  In that article I described how on occasion PPC advertising can generate bogus leads and PPC fraud.  And by PPC fraud, I’m describing how some people purposely click on PPC ads for the sole purpose of either spending the advertiser’s daily ad budget.  In other words, the more that people click on your PPC ad, the more you spend and the more the PPC advertiser makes from your advertising.

Since I published that network marketing lead generation article I received some pretty interesting comments like…

“Why are you dissing on PPC, when you generate your leads through PPC, and buy the from another party and re-sell?” (I address this below.)

Another commented on mlm lead generation PPC fraud:

“From what I understand, these companies have people they pay to just go through and click on your sites so they make money every time someone clicks on your site and then pay a portion of the money they make to the people they hired to go to your sites.  Pretty much it’s been deemed a rip-off.”

If you want to avoid getting ripped off by Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising fraud for mlm lead generation, learn from my experience in PPC advertising for my personal network marketing lead generation use.

Several years ago – prior to my founding – I used PPC advertising to generate my own personal mlm leads or network marketing leads.  I used several PPC advertising networks to generate traffic to my business opportunity landing pages.  I set daily ad budgets on several keywords at a handful of these PPC lead generation networks.

Each day I would go into the PPC sites to check my advertising results.  There were only a few clicks to my landing page during the day and evening.  But each morning when I logged into my account, I found that my $50 daily ad budget had been burned up overnight.

How could that be?

Were all the business opportunity seekers only surfing the Internet at night?

While I was getting a “ton” of click-thrus to my landing page, no leads were being generated.


Something wasn’t right.

So I called the PPC ad firms to complain about my results. I told them that surely someone was playing around with my PPC ads.  And it was costing me money.

I wanted a refund.

The PPC ad firms “investigated” my complaints then assured me that all was fine with my campaigns.  Those were real people really clicking to my site.  There was nothing wrong.

And there was no refund.

But still, something was wrong.  I was spending a lot of money on PPC adverting to generate MLM leads but no leads were being generated.  So I decided to investigate further.

Fortunately by that time in my online marketing career I had accumulated enough technical expertise and web knowledge to do some real digging.  And I was able to figure out what was going on.  I figured out why all my money was being spent at night but no leads were being generated.

Want to know what happened?

It was PPC fraud.

It was people clicking on my PPC ads and spending my money.  These people had no interest in what I offered on my website.  They were simply spending my hard earned money by clicking on my PPC ads.

But why did this happen at night?  What was that about?

Upon further investigation, I learned that there are “paid to surf” services out on the Internet.  These services pay people to “view ads”.  In this case, they were being paid to click on my ads.

But again why at night?

Well it just so happens that my “night” is someone else’s “day”.  These paid surfers were  clicking on my ads during their day.  They were in countries like Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, India… and like locations around the world.

So…  what can be learned from my experience?

Let’s face it folks, I’m pretty savvy on the Internet.  I’ve been making a full-time income online for over 16 years now.  Full-time.  And if a guy like me can get swindled out of hard-earned cash with PPC advertising, what can happen to you?

Like all things in business, you have to “fall forward”.  You have to learn from your mistakes.  So while you can generate your own mlm leads or network marketing leads using PPC advertising, it is “Buyer Beware”.  It’s not as simple as the gurus make it out to be.  There’s more to it than you think.

And if you don’t have the technical knowledge or expertise to track all aspects of our PPC advertising like I did, there is a good chance that you’ll lose more money than you’ll make generating your own network marketing leads.

I know that was the case for me.  That’s one of the reasons why I founded  So that you could leverage my knowledge and mlm lead generation reach.

And for the record, I don’t use PPC advertising to generate mlm leads or network marketing leads.  Instead, I use my online networks to generate mlm leads.  I recommend you do the same.

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This described mlm leads, network marketing lead generation and Pay Per Click (PPC) fraud when generating mlm leads or network marketing leads for home businesses.

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