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This article describes mlm leads, network marketing leads, mlm lead lists and 3 reasons not to use Google, Youtube video on mlm lead landing pages.

As an MLM lead generation company, we are in a position to see a variety of mlm lead generation landing pages.  Over time, we’ve seen some pretty good landing pages.  And we’ve seen some not-so-good pages as well.

More and more people today are using streaming web video on their landing pages (also known as squeeze pages) to generate their own mlm lead lists.  Many choose to use Google Video or YouTube Video as their video hosting service.  In doing so, I think these distributors are making a big mistake with their marketing.

Here’s are the Top 3 Reasons Not to Use Google, YouTube Video Hosting for your mlm lead generation landing or squeeze page:

1. No Control Over the MLM Video Hosting.

We have heard reports of people using YouTube as their video host only to receive a complaint about their videos.  YouTube’s resolution was to delete the user’s MLM videos from their servers all together.

2. You Can’t Control The Content Displayed.

I saw a landing page last week that used Youtube video hosting.  During the video play, Google displayed its own paid advertisement over the distributor’s video.  As a prospect, that gave me the opportunity to click-thru the ad and leave the distributor’s landing page all together.

Not a good thing.

Once the video play was complete, YouTube displayed a list of other videos that I could watch.  One video title hinted that the landing page’s business opportunity was a scam.  Curious to learn why it was a scam, I watched the video.  In doing so, I found myself being prospected by a second distributor of the same company.

So at the end of the day, YouTube allowed a second distributor of the same company to prospect me on the first distributor’s landing page while creating suspicion in my mind about the business opportunity being a scam.

This is not a smart way to prospect for new distributors.

3. No Play Stats Available.

There are no play stats available to you when you use Google or YouTube video as your mlm lead generation landing page video host.

Why are video play stats important?

They are important because they tell you how effective your video marketing message is.

Video View Conversion Rates

It is important to know how often your video is played versus the number of visits your landing page receives.  Video view conversion rates provide you an indication of how compelling your landing page is.

Let’s say for example that only 20 people out of 100 visitors view your video.  That would indicate that perhaps your headline was not compelling enough for the user to investigate further… or perhaps that your video was placed at the wrong location on the landing page to be viewed.

The more people that visit your landing page, the more your marketing message is conveyed to prospects.

Average View Time

It is important to know landing page’s video average view time.  The average view time tells you when the average person stops viewing your video.

When you see the average view time, go back into your video and look at your marketing message up to that point of time.  What is happening?  Why are people stopping the video at that time?  Are you boring them and they’ve had enough?  Did you tell them what they wanted to know so they don’t want to view more?  Were you not providing them with the information they were looking for?

The more compelling the message, the more that people will view your video in its entirety.

Recommended Video Hosting for MLM Lead Generation Landing Pages

When creating and hosting mlm lead videos for your mlm lead generation landing pages, I recommend our sister company

Using as your mlm lead video hosting, you can…

1. Control Your Own Video Hosting

Since you control the videos in your own account, no one is going to delete them.  You’re in control of your own videos at all times.

2. Control Your Own Content and Branding

Since allows you to brand your own video players, you can brand yourself and or your company as you see fit.

And since does not sell or place advertising over your videos, you’re in total control of what your landing page visitors see when they view your landing page videos.

3. Track Your Video Play Stats provides you with video play stats like…

* Times Played – This is the total number of times your video has been played by your site visitors.

* Played till Completion – This is the total number of times your video has been played thru the entire video.  If the number is high relative to the number of plays, then I’d say your video kept your visitor’s attention.

* Media Duration – This is the total duration of your video.

* Average Playtime – This is time in the video when the average person stopped watching the video.

* Data Transferred – This is the amount of data transferred in total for the video views.

Once you’re mlm lead generation landing page is all setup with web video, consider driving traffic to your landing page using our Direct to Website Leads.

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