This describes mlm lead and mlm lead email prospecting.  Long URLs in mlm lead emails can be exchanged for short URLs in mlm lead emails.

I’ve had several people ask this week about how to shorten the URLs that go into their email messages.  It seems that the URL for their company replicated website it too long for their email messages.

When it comes to URLs, I typically recommend two separate solutions:


You can go to and “exchange” your long URL for a TinyURL.  Here’s how it works:

Type your long URL into the text box, then click the button.  Your long URL will be exchanged for one on the TinyURL domain.  Copy that TinyURL and place it into your email messages.  When someone clicks the URL, it redirects to the original URL you specified.

You can even customize TinyURLs like this example:

TinyURL works well for emails but it’s not too handy when you want to create a URL that’s easy to remember.

2) Domains

If you want to create a memorable URL, try purchasing a domain at You can then log into your GoDaddy account and setup that domain to “forward” to your long URL.

What sort of domain name should you use?

Well you might try your name.. for me I might use  You could use your name as a domain.

You might try a catch phrase like “my247money” or like domain.

Client Rebecca Scott was creative in her URL.  She used her toll-free phone number as her domain.  That gave her a marketing double whammy.  Way to go Rebecca!

Whatever domain you choose, don’t get too attached to it.

As time goes by, ISPs may decide to block email that includes your domain.  I’ve seen this happen on many occasions.  So when you begin to hear that prospects aren’t getting your emails, it may be time to purchase a new domain.

When it comes to email follow-up, have your leads posted directly into your account.  That way you can use emails to warm up your prospects before you follow-up.

Get your leads @

Get an email follow-up account @

This article described mlm lead and mlm lead email prospecting.  Consider exchanging long URLs in mlm lead emails  for short URLs in mlm lead emails.  That way your URLs will be easy to remember in your mlm lead email prospecting messages.

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