In this article I am going to explain the difference between MLM Lead Capture Pages and MLM Landing Pages, and when and where to use both in building your MLM Business through MLM Leads.

In online marketing the goal is to monetize each of unique visitor you come in contact with; which is where MLM lead capture pages and MLM landing pages come into play.

So let’s take a look at each and see where you can blend them into your current macro-marketing campaign.
Both MLM landing pages and MLM lead capture pages appear when a potential customer clicks on a Pay-Per-Click Ad, an online classified ad or a search-engine result link. These pages usually contain content that is relevant to the search request or link from a specific advertisement.  Both types of pages should be optimized to include specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines.

So let me define the difference between the MLM Lead Capture Page and the MLM Landing Page.

 A MLM Lead Capture Page is what we call a transactional page. The goal is to persuade the unique visitor to complete a specific CTA (Call-To-Action) such as filling out an opt-in form, subscribing to a direct to desktop communicator, watching a video, downloading a free eBook, white paper or case study.

Most MLM lead Capture pages provide partial information, and feeding on the human curiosity factor.  Once the unique visitor submits the required personal information they receive the rest of the information. The typically MLM Lead Capture Page will request the unique visitor to give their first name and email address, sometimes a telephone number as well. Web2.0 MLM Lead Capture Pages have replaced requesting personal information with having the unique visitor subscribe to their desktop communicator, giving full control to the unique visitor full control over the marketing campaign.

A MLM Landing Page is what we call a reference page. It is a continuation of the proceeding ad, banner, classified or search engine result request. The information on a MLM Landing Page provides specific information that is relevant to the unique visitor.

MLM Landing Pages will display text, images, audios and videos that provide the unique visitor with enough information to make an informed decision to purchase the product or join the company. Most MLM Nutritional companies use MLM Landing Pages.

MLM Landing Pages are most effective when they meet the objectives of their unique visitors. And their effectiveness is measured by the revenue value of each unique visitor.

So although the CTA (Call-To-Action) may be different on a MLM Lead Capture Page .vs a MLM Landing Page, the end result is the same.

A unique visitor taking the desired action on a transactional lead capture page or a reference landing page is referred to as a conversion. The efficiency or quality of both types’ pages is measured by the conversion rate, the percentage of unique visitors who complete the desired Call-To-Action.

In some up coming articles I’ll cover Search Engine Optimization and how to make your MLM Lead Capture Pages and your MLM landing Pages sizzle at the top of your choice niche.

Now that you understand what your page is to be used for, you are ready to grad some leads and drive traffic to your site.
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