This article describes mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead attraction prospecting and how to attract mlm lead prospects to your business opportunity over the telephone.

Industry trainer Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter recently wrote in his newsletter that…

“Two people get the same mlm lead list.

“One person thinks he was ripped off. No one joins.

“The other person thinks the list is the greatest list of mlm leads in the history of mankind, and signs up a lot of new mlm distributors.

“Same mlm leads list, two different results.


“Because the first person had talked to his warm market of relatives and friends, and they all hated how he presented his opportunity. They hated what he said and did.

“So when the first person rented a list of mlm leads, they hated what he said and did also. If his relatives and friends hated what he said and did, strangers are going to hate it even more.

“The second person learned what to say and do, so when he talked to his relatives and friends, they joined. They loved what he said and did.

“So when he rented the exact same mlm list, guess what? Other people also loved what he said and did.

“Sure, there may be some lists that are better than others, but all mlm lead lists have people. If what you say and do turns off your closest friends and relatives, it will definitely turn off strangers.

“So the main issue is not finding a mlm leads list that works. Instead, concentrate on what you are going to say to that ‘live’ person on the other end of the phone.”

Well said Tom.

So what do you sound like when you’re prospecting?

Once you see and hear yourself the way your prospects do,  you’ll then understand why prospects respond the way they do. You’ll also be empowered to make the changes that will make prospects more attracted to you over the phone.

Here are the Top 7 Ways to See Yourself The Way Prospects Do Over the Phone.

1) Study Yourself on Audio. Record your prospecting calls. Then study the audio recording. Be honest with yourself and find 3 areas where you can improve the prospecting call. To record the call, use’s Conference Call Line or the Sizzle Line recorder.

2) 3rd Party Critique of Your Audio. Send your audio to a seasoned upline member that has successfully worked leads. If you don’t have someone in your upline, go crossline or downline. Ask them for 3 ways that you can improve your mlm lead attraction prospecting.

3) Hire a Personal Coach. A personal mlm lead prospecting coach can quickly and easily tune you into the subtle nuances of mlm lead prospecting. They can guide you away from pitfalls that you may otherwise experience. For a Free Consultation from a Pro MLM Lead Prospecting Coach, click here. Pro Mike Boggs will give you a 20 minute consultation. He may be able to help you. May not. Won’t know until you find out.

4) Review Your Performance Evaluations. Please don’t defend or deny what you hear in your evaluation. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of good constructive feedback.

5) Ask Your New Distributors. Once you bring in a new distributor, ask them what they thought of your interview style. What did they like? What did they dislike?

6) Ask Those That Said “No”. There are mlm lead prospects that did not join your business. Ask them why. What it something you said? It may be hard for you to go back to these prospects, but their information is invaluable.

7) Ask For “One”. When seeking feedback, never ask “how did I do”? You’ll get answers like “Fine” and “OK”. Those are convenient answers that don’t really tell you anything. Instead, try asking questions like “What’s the one thing that you like best?” “What’s the one thing you would change?” “What’s the one thing that would improve..?”

Try these mlm lead attraction prospecting tips to improve your mlm lead prospecting.

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This article described mlm lead, mlm leads, mlm lead attraction prospecting and how to attract mlm lead prospects to your business opportunity over the telephone.

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