This mlm lead and mlm leads prospecting article describes why telling stories to your mlm lead list prospects will make you more money in mlm.

You’ve probably heard someone in your mlm upline (hopefully) tell you that “facts tell and stories sell”.  Well, there’s a lot of truth to that.  In fact I’d venture to say that many of your mlm company top sellers are great story tellers.  That’s why they never feel like they’re selling.  They really aren’t.  Instead, they’re telling stories to their mlm lead list prospects.

Using Stories to Communicate

For most of the time that humans have been alive on this earth, we’ve learned our most important information through stories.  These stories have included such topics of how to survive, where to find food, culture, religion and so on.  It seems that the human brain is wired so that stories have a greater emotional impact when compared to information presented quantitatively or by some other emotionless manner.

Left Brain, Right Brain

You’ve heard of the ‘ol left brain, right brain situation, right?  The left part of your brain is the analytical part.  It’s skeptical and emotional neutral.  It looks for yes/no, right/wrong answers.

The right part of your brain is the creative, imaginative side.  It’s where your “feelings” come from.  It’s your “emotional” brain.  This side of the brain is where you get the “I want”, ” I need” and “gut reactions”.  This side of the brain makes emotional decisions even though it can’t quantify why.  It’s just a “gut feeling”.

Story Telling and the Brain

Stories appeal to the right side of your brain; the emotional side.  So when a prospect hears words like “Let me tell you a story about the time..” then the prospect’s mind tells them that it’s time to relax and that no decisions need to be made..  all I have to do is listen for information that might be important later.

Later when it is actually time to make a decision, the right brain (the decision maker) draws upon stories that it heard and uses that information to make a decision.  And since a story has been shared between the two people, that story remains in place and creates a connection between the two.  That’s a connection that can’t be created by others.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

The right side of the brain controls emotions and  emotions control sales.  Now that you know that, take a look at your prospecting.  Is it filled with facts and figures?  Or is it filled with stories that you and your prospect can relate to?

The corporate world tends to hire left brain thinkers to create long, boring PowerPoint presentations that feed the mlm lead list prospect’s left brain, while it does little for the right brain.

What You Do Already

Would you like to become a top producer in your MLM company?  If so, all you have to do is tell more stories to more people.

You already know how to tell stories.  You’ve been telling them all your life.

More people?  We can help you with that.

Select any of our mlm leads by clicking here.  When you get a prospect on the line, first get your prospect to tell their story.  You do this by asking them about themselves during the interview portion of the mlm lead prospecting call.  Then tell them a story of how someone with similar problems found a solution with your company product, service or business opportunity.  Once you do, let your mlm sales tools tell even more stories to your mlm lead list prospect.

When you do this and do it well, your sales will go thru the roof!

Have you tried using stories in your mlm lead prospecting?  If so, use the comment box below to tell us your results.

This mlm lead and mlm leads prospecting article described why telling stories to your mlm lead list prospects will make you more money in mlm.  Tell more stories with you mlm lead list and make more money.

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