This article features information on how video can be used when prospecting your MLM Lead List.

Today I’m providing you a $1,000 MLM lead prospecting tip that you can use to build your network marketing business. And here is the tip…

Let’s suppose you are a business opportunity seeker on my network marketing leads list. If I were to prospect you, I would call you on the telephone and I would interview you. I’ll interview you to determine whether you qualify for my time or not. Provided that you pass the Interview, I’ll then tell you:

“Prospect here’s what I can do for you…

“When we finish this call, I’m going to send you an email. That email will contain time-sensitive information that I want to get into your hands right away. I’m sending it to you because you’re saying that you’re serious about making changes in your life.

“So be on the lookout for my email. It will be from me. The subject line will read “Prospect, That Time-Sensitive Info I Promised’. I want you to open the email. And I want you to click the link in that email. That’s where you’ll find the time-sensitive information I’ve provided you.


At this point I’ll setup the follow-up appointment and close the call.

Next, I’ll send you the email as promised.

When you open the email and click the link, a web browser opens. A streaming web video begins to play automatically. The video is of me and I’m looking right at you in the camera’s eye. I begin talking to you as my mlm lead prospect. That web video goes something like this…

“Hi there. This is Enrique. Thanks for taking my call earlier. The fact that you’re watching this video right now tells me that you’re serious about making some changes in your lifestyle.

“Today is a regular work day. Most folks are battling it out on the freeway right about now. Instead, I’m here in the great Northwest hanging out with my family.

“Listen… this lifestyle is available to you right now.

“Here’s what I’d like you to do right now. Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Start writing down all the things that are missing out of your life. Do it right now. You see, those are the things I want to help you bring into your life.

“Write down my contact information. My name is Enrique Garibay. My phone number is 785-539-6904… My website is…. Check the website out. That tells you how I help people make money from home.

“Once you’ve checked it out, call me back right away. And when you do, be sure to have your list with you. I want to know what’s on it. You see, that’s what what I do. I help people like you get the things that are missing out of their lives. And that’s what I want to do for you.

“I look forward to hearing back from you real soon.”

NOTE: Play the video example above to view this example.


Do you see the powerful connection I just made with you, my mlm lead prospect?

Do you see how I just set myself apart from others that may be prospecting you?

I’ve created a relationship with you. I’ve told you that I’m a real person. I’m a real person that is wanting to help you. I’m not some scammer or some telemarketer. I’m a real person that is here to help you!

And that is how you build trust with your prospects.

That is how you brand yourself.

Ultimately people are going to join your business because they’ve come to know you, like you and trust you.

And nothing build trust with your network marketing leads better than video.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.

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Enrique Garibay