Million dollar MLM producer reveals how to use an to build a network marketing business. Learn what he uses.


Enrique: Hello everyone. This is Enrique Garibay of and Today we have an interview with Mr. Paul Kroto.

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Check back next week for the second half of this “Insider’s Secrets” Interview when Paul reveals how he increased his landing page response 799% with one little technique.

For those of you who do not know Paul, this gentleman has been in the industry 11 years now. He works from home. He is a college graduate and had aspirations of working in the NFL. And when I say “NFL”, I don’t mean “No Friends Left”. I’m talking about the National Football league. Paul saw that perhaps his career would not take him into the NFL. Paul figured out how to make money from home and he has done that successfully for the last 11 years primarily using autoresponder leads.

In Paul’s last business opportunity, Paul hit the $1 million mark in annual sales for his organization.

So Paul Kroto, are you there?

Paul: Yes I am.

Enrique: Welcome to the call Paul.

Paul: Thank you. It’s great to be here.

Enrique: Paul, the topic today is email marketing and how to use an mlm email lead or autoresponder lead to build your business opportunity… I’m talking about taking MLM Email Leads or autoresponder leads and working those leads via email to build a home-based business.

Paul, you and I have known each other how many years now? Six of seven years now?

Paul: Back in 2001 is when we first met.

Enrique: Back in 2001 Paul, you were a customer of mine at And as I recall Paul, you were one of the top email senders at that time. Is that true about you?

Paul: Yes I was. I actually did not get started on the Internet into the year 2001. So you could say I am a late bloomer. I made it through six years of college and was on a computer for a term papers and the like. But I was never on the Internet or even sent an e-mail until the year 2000. And by the year 2001, I pretty much became the king of the Internet as far as learning how to market to people.

Enrique: Absolutely.

Paul let’s take folks back a little bit earlier. I mentioned that you were a college graduate and that you had aspirations of becoming part of the NFL. Tell folks at little bit about that. Tell us where that experience lead you and how you were introduced to making money from home in network marketing.

Paul: Sure no problem.

It goes all the way back to high school. A coach named Rusty Jones of the Buffalo Bills – and I’m from Buffalo – he came to my high school and gave a presentation. When I saw his presentation on how to eat right, lift weights and exercise, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I wanted to become Rusty Jones.

I went to him and asked what he did. I ended up going to the University of Colorado for six years and receive my master’s degree in nutrition and exercise physiology. I became a strength and conditioning coach and had all the certificates that I needed and the degrees that I needed. But I did not have the social contacts. You really have to know someone. There were 20,000 applicants for different college jobs out there. You really have to start in the college ranks and then move up to the NFL. There are only 32 NFL teams out there so there are all these people with dreams to be a strength and conditioning coach for one of these professional teams but only 32 job openings.

So I learned at an early age you have to look for a profession where there are no limitations on how many people can make it to the top. Whereas we know that in the multi-level marketing industry, there can be any number many people at the top. There’s no limit. If the top level in your company is executive diamond or whatever, there can be hundreds or even thousands of other people making that same level of income. There’s nothing holding you back from achieving your dreams in this industry.

Enrique: You saw that the NFL was not in your cards. Where did that take you from there? What job did you take?

Paul: I ended up becoming a personal trainer in a health club. I was making about $25,000 a year. I was personal training people who were making $25,000 a month. I had a high and clientele and I was doing their nutrition for them. What I realized by spending time with these people… the common denominator was that they all owned their own business. And I was just an employee.

Enrique: You were trading time for money?

Paul: Exactly.


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