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Enrique: So you were bringing and 100+ people a month from your list. And now you talk about follow-up. Were you able to follow up with 100+ people a month and help them get their business started? How did that work out for you?

Opt In MLM Email Lead and Autoresponder Lead Marketing Tip

It’s important to find out how well your emails are working with your mlm email lead and list.

Consider tracking such things as number of messages sent, emails opened, emails clicked-thru and number of form fills on your landing page. That way can continually improve your marketing for optimal results when mailing to mlm email lead and autoresponder lead lists.


If you want to know what NOT to do, I am the person to come talk to.

Do NOT signup 125 people a month because there is no way you can train them and get them to do what you did. And I didn’t understand that part of network marketing. I did not understand that duplication is the key.

If you turn this into a selling game, you’re going to lose your shirt.

I was actually the top income earner in the company, and I basically quit the day after New Year’s. I quit because I was making at lot of money but I also saw that my people were not making a lot of money. A lot of people were quitting. So it was basically a churn and burn situation. I was signing on so many members but I was giving no personal support. I wasn’t talking to anyone. I wasn’t talking to my prospects or my new members because I was so busy with the email part of things. I was just letting things go on “autopilot” thinking that I didn’t have to build a relationship with that person.

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My relationship with them was only through email and that was so wrong in my thinking back then. Boy did I learn an expensive lesson but as times change, you understand that.

It’s great to have a great sorting system like an autoresponder and website but it all comes back to “high touch”. You have to be in touch with people and build a relationship with people. That’s what this whole industry about.

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