This Million dollar producer uses 1 mlm email lead type to build his network marketing business. He uses the mlm email lead or autoresponder lead.

Enrique: That’s quite a few people. Walk folks through the mechanics of how that works please. You and I have done business together over the years. I used to own an autoresponder company and sent out a lot of the email on your behalf. For the new person that may be does not understand email marketing and has not used it before, give people a brief sketch what happens. You buy a list from us at What happens next?

Opt In MLM Email Lead and Autoresponder Lead Marketing Tip

It’s important to find out how well your emails are working with your mlm email lead and autoresponder lead list.

Consider tracking such things as number of messages sent, emails opened, emails clicked-thru and number of form fills on your landing page. That way can continually improve your marketing for optimal results when mailing to mlm email lead and autoresponder lead lists.

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Paul: We get the list from you and then loaded the list into an autoresponder which was the one you owned.

Then basically had a series of the emails preprogrammed so that as soon as you loaded the list, there was an e-mail sent for day one. It would say something like … I understand you’re interested in a home-based business … if you are, please click on this link below…. That link took him to my website. It was a simple e-mail that we would send out to people.

And then we would know that the majority of people would just delete it. Hence the power of the autoresponder was to send a second email a couple of days later. So we would send an email every two or three days to this person. We knew that it would take literally two dozen emails to get them to open up maybe one of them. But knowing that and the numbers that it would take, we created 24 different subject lines and 24 different email body messages. And we knew that one of them would hit each person in a different way. There was no one email that magically works. You have to have a bunch of different emails the hit people differently.

We would create one email specifically to those people that had kids. It was like … get your kids out of day care and spend more time with your children. We had another one that we geared more towards professionals. Every email kind of had a different angle on. And we knew that if we sent out of the emails to a particular person, one of them had to hit them in the right way. And they would click on that link and take the tour.

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